Laundry Laundry Laundry

It amazes me how many loads of laundry I now do a week.

Back before Parker, when it was just Holden and his tiny baby clothes, it didn’t seem overwhelming in the least. I had friends with multiple kids who would talk about doing something like 3 loads a DAY and just sort of blink in confusion. How do you have THAT many clothes that you’d be doing that many loads per day?

When we had Holden, though, we didn’t have our own washer & dryer. Not by choice, mind you, there were no hookups in our townhouse (and of course, that crap ass place had no plans of installing them either). So not only was it incredibly inconvenient to do laundry, as you had to gather up all your crap and walk your happy ass across the complex and PRAY that there would be open washers and dryers for you to get your clothes washed. And then make sure you got back before your cycles were done or you might find your stuff on the floor. Considerate, right? Not to mention that those stupid things cost $1.25 a load, and about half of them were broken and didn’t even have a sign on them to inform you of such.. wasted money on many occasions.
Needless to say, we didn’t do laundry as often as we do now. We’d let it build up until the weekend and do around 4 loads or so at once. Still, that doesn’t seem like much for a weeks worth of dirty crap, right?

Once we moved into this place, obviously, the FIRST thing I did was buy a washer & dryer (off of Craigslist of course).. actually I had them bought and in the house BEFORE we moved in. It was that important. When you have your own.. you tend not to let it build up for as long, so it was a given that we were doing more loads per week than before.
Still, not an overwhelming amount. No washers stuffed to the brim.. No praying that everything would fit so I wouldn’t have to do ANOTHER load (and pay more money). Didn’t matter. I could do as many as I wanted and take my sweet ass time.

And then Parker came along. We went from 4 loads a week to probably more like 8. The kids stuff getting the most washes. Seriously. HOW those children plow through clothes faster than Thomas and I and require MORE loads than we do when their clothes take up less space in the washer blows my mind. I think 4 of the 8 loads must be theirs, and I don’t seperate their clothes into whites and reds and darks like I do with ours (making for smaller loads). Just 4 gigantic loads of soiled vomited on, puked on, pissed through, snot infested kid clothes.

I think I JUST washed their clothes and put them away 2 days ago and already I have a huge bin overflowing in Parker’s room needing to be washed because Holden is nearly out of socks and Parker needs long sleeves onesies because he pissed and crapped all over the majority of the ones he has.
I can’t imagine still living in the townhouse and having to do this much laundry.. lugging it across the stupid complex and waiting for there to be enough washers to clean them all, or only having two and making multiple trips in one night. There were already too many nights of staying up until 1am waiting for that crap to finish so we could go to bed.
Good riddance to that! I think i’ve already paid myself back 100 times over for the washer & dryer I bought in what we would be paying at a laundromat.

Now if only I had the energy or motivation to get off my ass right now and start a load right now…

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