Here we go around again

Things are not pleasant in our house today. They haven’t been for a while, but today is the worst of the worst.
Never in my life have I been coughed, boogered, cried, and hacked on in such a short span of time.

As if Parker hasn’t had enough issues lately, he woke up this morning with a cough that matches Holden’s exactly. So now he’s sick on TOP of already being sick. The kid seriously can’t handle much more. I’m literally to the point where i’m having to force feed him, every hour to two hours.. never a pleasant situation for anyone involved. It’s worse than having a freaking newborn. And of course, his 4 month well-baby check up is on Wednesday.. but can he REALLY handle getting shots and possibly spiking a fever when he’s already sick and not eating? And with this new cough, and FINALLY going back to our regular pediatrician- of course she’s going to assume that the cough and his breathing/not eating are related (and probably not listen to, or believe me when I tell her they aren’t). Pretty much squashing any chance of REALLY finally getting to the bottom of what the hell is wrong with him..
Although at this point, he has now been sick for FOUR weeks. No infant should be sick for four damn weeks without answers. Four weeks of breathing 3 times the normal amount with no change and refusing to eat without force. OBVIOUSLY something isn’t right and nothing that’s been done so far is making any kind of difference.

To add insult to injury- After about 20 minutes of being awake, I realized that my fatigue was not the normal fatigue. I wasn’t just tired, my head actually hurt… and my throat was itching.
Yep- i’m sick too.

So now all FOUR of us are sick. And you better damn believe it’s Thomas’ fault- since he is the one who originally brought this shit home and infected both kids.. but somehow, Mr. “I never get sick!” has YET to kick this crap from the very beginning, and as SOON as one of the kids gets better- he gets them sick again.
Holden has now been sick 3 times. I’ve been sick 3 times. Parker has been nonstop sick for four weeks and now has an added sickness on TOP of that.

If ever there were a time I felt like I was going to snap.. this would be that time, multiplied by about five thousand. Whiny feverish non-eating, coughing in my face, snotting all over the house two year old, and a whiny hacking non-eating infant.. not to mention a husband that hacks ALL NIGHT and keeps me awake and doesn’t seem to care that he’s ruining not only his sleep but mine as well- aaaaand now me feeling like absolute crap- and yeah, someone might just be on the receiving end of a drop kick. Perhaps a bitch slap.

2010 can kiss my white ass.

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