Diamonds aren’t a mom’s best friend, bribery is.

I’m not above bribing a child. Two year olds are no cake walk. They are irritating, annoying, whiny little things that FREAK when they don’t get what they want- even if they are generally a ‘good’ kid.
The bribery started small.. just little treats like sweet cereal pieces, fruit snacks or craisins to entice him to pee or poop on the potty. And that worked like a CHARM. Fully potty trained well before the age of 2.

And then Parker came and that went out the window.. and those simple bribes no longer seem to work. He no longer pees during the day, but he’s still peeing during most of his naps and EVERY night he pees himself crazy. And now with Parker being sick, he’s forced to sit through HOURS of long boring waits at doctors offices, and is getting less attention because Parker needs so much time to force feed and he can sense the tension that he’s lashing out even more by leaving rogue turds around the house because he won’t tell me when he’s pooped a little and they fall out of his pants and the kid LITERALLY takes them and hides them from me in random places. Yeah. Fun.

So now we’ve resorted to “special big boy toys” as he calls them. If he acts really well behaved at the doctor, if he goes a day without pissing his bed during nap time, he gets to take a special trip to Walgreens and pick out a “special big boy toy.” They’re normally hot wheels cars, or ones that are basically the same but from his all-time favorite movie (obsession is more like it) ‘Cars’- which are more pricey but make him much happier and more likely to be well behaved.
I wish it worked BETTER, because STILL most days, even with the promise of a special big boy toy.. he pisses his bed.

Still, I want him to feel special even if he’s getting a little less attention. He needs to know that good deeds do not go unnoticed, so bribery it is! And i’ll admit- I LOVE when he’s “good enough” to earn a SBBT, because the look on his face when he picks one out is seriously priceless. He just gets SO excited and his eyes light up.. so the bribery is for me too. Can’t resist.

Hopefully.. the bribery will soon take effect as it used to and he’ll get the hint and realize that HEY- you “no pee bed”- and you get TOYS! So stop pissing your bed and you’ll be handsomely rewarded! It’s a win win situation! By that time.. our house will be FULL of little metal cars for me to slip on and break my neck.. and for him to lose and whine for hours until I finally find them: “where’s Lightning McQueen?? I don’t see him!!!”

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