Banned from Imagination Land

Two year olds.. when you think of two year olds, you think the start of a real personality, being able to actually have coherent conversations, and the beginning of the childhood imagination. The days where they just get lost in their thoughts, pretending that their Little People are actual people and the buildings are actually buildings- make them talk to each other, make sounds for the animals..

Holden doesn’t do any of that. At least, not out loud. He spends hours lying on the floor playing with his Little People sets.. but instead of playing with the figures that came WITH them, he plays with his matchbox cars in them. Drives them in and out, down the slides, into the windows..
And it makes me wonder.
Does he have an imagination? Is he using it if he does?

If he does, it’s all in his head, which is very possible, because he rarely uses it outside of his head- if that makes sense.
He calls a lot of his toys by name, Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Tow Mater.. (he’s a Cars fanatic).. and some just by “bus” or “Parker’s toy!”, calls all the Spongebob characters by their exact name and tells me exactly what they’re doing in his books “Spongebob talking to Patrick!”- which sometimes leads me to think he’s a very literal thinker. It is what it is, no pretending about it.. and that’s a tad concerning for autism purposes. As a parent you always wonder about those things, but I figure I would have seen more signs by now. Maybe he wouldn’t be talking as much, or paying SO close attention to everything.

It’s a hard thing to fully gauge. He never makes stuff up and tells me that “Lightning McQueen is pooping!” or anything of the sort. Just very matter of fact about everything he does.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a really goofy kid- laughs about the weirdest things and makes strange (yet hilarious) observations.. But perhaps he’s just a lot like my Dad.
My Dad likes to keep his sense of humor on the down-low. Understated, and dry- sees things for how they are to a fault.. but when you get him going he’s pretty damn funny.

The “lack” of imagination leads me even more to believe that the “guy” he sees in his room is for real.. Ohh how I wish he used that imagination out loud more often so he didn’t freak me out so much! He hasn’t seen the “guy” lately though.. hopefully I won’t be eating my words tonight though- that crap gets into my head and stews far too much and I end up losing a lot of sleep over it, which is the main reason why I avoid watching scary movies these days. I take them too freaking seriously.

Holden has never been what I would consider “normal”.. so I suppose I shouldn’t have expected it when it comes to the use of his imagination- but when you hear about other kids the same age making up the most random crap it makes you wonder why your kid isn’t.

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