Ahhhh Durrr

Typically before I sit down to write my blog of the evening, I know exactly what subject it will be about. I may not know how it’s going to come out, or what exactly i’m going to write- but I have a general outline floating around in my head and I can pound out an entry in under 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, today I actually didn’t stop moving long enough to even brainstorm on a subject for tonight’s blog. It didn’t even cross my mind even once.

All day was full of dealing with Holden’s needs while forcing formula down Parker’s throat for the first 4 “bottles” (If you can call an ounce and a half for a 4 month old a bottle), and then trying to make sure he didn’t puke it back up, checking his diapers to see if he was peeing.. And then toward the end of the day when he DID start taking bottles without force, I had to force pedialyte down his throat immediately following to try and MAKE him pee.
Yeah, he wasn’t very pleased with that. The first few drips in his mouth were easy- like he was eating candy, but very soon after he changed his mind and since the pedialyte we have is red it was impossible to tell if he swallowed anything I squirted into his mouth, causing a volcano like effect spraying all over me if I squirted more in his mouth too soon. Yuck.

I’m just ready to call it a night and go to bed and hope that tomorrow is less hectic and not so filled with pedialyte volcanoes and screaming children. At least there were less boogers.. from the kids anyways. Me, not so much. Never ending stream of sticky disgusting sinus clogging snot that gives me a headache from trying to blow my nose so hard to get out.
I’d use Afrin.. but that crap made my throat hurt so bad last night that I might prefer mouth breathing over it.

Is it Friday yet?

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