Yet another "what was I thinking?" moment

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I ever considered sleep sacks to be better sleep-outfits for babies than footie-pajamas.

I can still see what appeal they have. They don’t have billions of annoying slaps going all the way up both legs.. and all the way up their body. All it is, is one annoying tug over the head and they’re in. Want to change a diaper? Pull it up. No obstacles in the way.

When you have a baby blob that doesn’t love to wiggle and squirm and move all the time, I suppose sleep sacks don’t cause any issues. You’re feeding and changing them so often that anything to make it faster and with less screaming is welcome and applauded.

Now? I loathe them. They annoy me. I find them a nuisance not only to get on, but to keep Parker in at all.
If he hadn’t projectile vomited all over every other footie-pj he has, no way would I ever even consider putting him in one.. but because we don’t have very many pajamas for Parker now that he’s grown out of 0-3 month seemingly overnight- while cleaning out his drawers I knew I had to hold on to them just in case the few we have managed to dirty themselves all at once. Wouldn’t you know it, they did.

I would have had better luck putting him in some kind of jumper with a pair of socks (and if you’ve ever had an infant, you know how impossible it is to keep socks on them) than sticking him in this evil baby sack contraption.

After digging through the 6-9 month bin of clothes we have for him, hoping that at least ONE of them might possibly be small enough to fit him without it being some sort of hazard.. and coming up empty handed- the only option left besides a crusty vomit soaked footie was a stupid sleep sack.

Of course, the first thing he did was kick until it had worked its way above his knees. I pulled it back down, he repeated. Our house is semi-old, but VERY drafty- so it wasn’t long before his toes felt like icicles. I don’t like having a cold baby. Babies should be warm and snuggly at all times.
The bunching and riding up got even worse when I picked him up- which I do before his last bottle every night while Thomas puts Holden to bed. So bad in fact that it became very tempting to hold him upside down and pull on the bottom of the damn sack just to get it straightened out again, because half the fabric had made its way all the way up to his chin, while his knobby knees were hanging out in the cold air.

All those snaps might be annoying.. especially annoying when you snap just ONE wrong without realizing it and end up having to re-do the entire damn outfit, but legs that are secured underneath fabric are much better than free flapping in the wind and turning to ice.

I swear, if he frees those bony little legs and gets cold enough to decide that sleeping is an impossible task.. i’ll burn every single one of those sleep sacks, and then do a little dance on their ashes.

Posted on January 4, 2010 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • Dude, Jamesen is in 9-12 month sleepers and I have a thing for sleepers so I’ve got A MILLION. Do you want to borrow some? You can send them back to me when parker grows out of them.

  • i have the sleep sacks that are completely covered, like a potato sack. they are ok. but i agree with you, footie pjs are much better. and justin says that he doesn’t like his son looking like he is wearing a dress!

  • I have the tater sack ones too, and those I find infuriating because I can’t strap Parker into ANYTHING without unbuttoning half of it, not to mention he insists on being held with his back against me.. meaning my hand has to go in between his legs to hold him up securely.. can’t do that with the tater sack!

    Adi- let me ask Thomas, since he’d be the one buying anything new, lol!