Yet another fruitless followup

Have you ever had one of those moments where you relish the fact that you were right all along, but at the same time- HATE the fact that you were right all along because it brings you back to the drawing board full of confusion and frustration?
That’s right about where i’m at right now.

Today was Parker’s second followup for “Bronchiolitis.”
Since his last appointment, he got MUCH better.. and then worse. Not as much crying, but coughing and hacking up a storm.. and absolutely no improvement in his breathing.

This puzzled the doctor. If it were Bronchiolitis caused by RSV, he would be getting better by now.. not having zero improvement and a new cough.

So he did what he should have done the FIRST time I brought Parker in- gave him an RSV swab (up his nose, not pleasant.) And wouldn’t you know it? It came back a big fat NEGATIVE. Haven’t I been saying that all along?? Didn’t I INSIST it wasn’t Bronchiolitis and still that diagnosis was pushed on us as a definitive fact? More proof that a mother’s instinct is a strong and accurate tool.

Well, the doctor has NO idea what this is- and finally admitted that he doesn’t have a clue and has never seen anything like it before. Reassuring!
So now he’s throwing all kinds of random treatments at us for an illness he can’t diagnose. Treatments he can’t guarantee will even work.
An antibiotic, just in case it’s a bacterial infection or pertussis (aka Whooping cough), and not one- but TWO new breathing treatments.
Plus a referral to a pulmonologist.

Goodbye Flexible Spending Account! Not even a month in and we’ve already used over half of what’s allotted for the entire year.

After how pricey the last breathing treatment was, the thought of two absolutely terrified me.
And for good reason. While the first, albuterol, was $13 for a 3 week treatment, the second- which I can’t recall the name of- was FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. And that’s AFTER insurance. The antibiotic? $50.
Can I just stop for a moment and tell you how much our insurance SUCKS ASS? What the hell do we pay $400 a month for when they aren’t covering ANY of Parker’s necessary medications?
The last breathing treatment we paid over $100 for, they barely covered half. This new one.. they will only pay for $40!! $40 for a $400 medication! WHAT IN THE HELL?

The only thing we could do was refuse the medication. There’s no way we could buy that and not go totally broke in the process.
So the doctor is going to get a not so happy call tomorrow, although I know it’s not his fault that our insurance blows. He’ll most likely prescribe something else that the insurance will refuse to cover.. and we’ll once again be back to square one.

This is so beyond ridiculous and absurd I can’t even fully put my frustration into words without going in circles of curse words.
I want answers, and I want them now. My baby should be BETTER, not worse.

Oh, and if ONE more person asks me if i’m “sure it’s not asthma” I will literally scream and tear ALL of my hair out. IT IS NOT ASTHMA. That is the first thing that was ruled out. If it were asthma, his 02 levels would be low- they aren’t, they’e perfect. If it were asthma, the nebulizer treatments would have made an instant improvement in his breathing rate- they didn’t. Not even a little bit. Stop asking!!!

Allow me to sum it up with one final thought: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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  • Doing the test in the first place would’ve saved you another office visit. I hate that!! It’s like they think it’s faster to say it’s this and treat it than do a test to find out for certain. Um, obviously WRONG!

    My nephew was on albuterol and pulmicort FOR asthma but now I’m wondering if it wasn’t just bad allergies/sinuses since his little brother is having some breathing issues as well. Not sure of the spelling on either of those. I wonder if he could just have a cold virus? I don’t think you’ve mentioned him being snotty or anything. Did you get the antibiotics? I hope something helps or it just goes away!!