Whether he likes it or not

The decision has been made. It’s set in stone. There’s no turning back, and no changing my mind now.
Starting Friday night, Parker will start sleeping in his crib in his room. No more of this bassinet by the foot of our bed crap anymore. It’s time for a change.

We’re beyond ready.. and I think he’s probably ready for the switch too. We kept him in our room for so long only because of convenience.. but the convenience factor has dwindled down to nothing.
Regardless of when he wakes up, it seems that him being in our room is messing with his sleep.

Since Parker goes to bed at 9pm, and I don’t mosey in there until around midnight-with Thomas following even later.. he almost always stirs heavily when I come in the room. More than a few times he’s semi-woken up and spent an hour stirring and attempting to suck his thumb, which in turn keeps me awake because not only can I not really sleep when I know one of my kids is awake- but his thumb sucking is SO obnoxiously loud it’s unreal.

Then morning comes, and if he happens to grace us with a ‘late’ sleeping morning- it will usually be ruined by Holden waking up.. because Holden waking up is louder than the obnoxious thumb-sucking. There’s no way to sleep through the noise that kid makes in the morning. Collecting toys, going to the bathroom, yelling and laughing- bringing ALL the toys into our room and putting them on the bed.. then getting on the bed and yelling for me to turn on Spongebob. Parker’s sleep doesn’t stand a chance.

In his own room, with the door closed, I would hope a lot of that would be quieted and he’d just sleep until whenever he actually wanted to wake up.
Of course, I could be mistaken, and moving him to his crib could be disastrous because perhaps he likes all the noise of sleeping in the room with us.. which is why I decided to make the move on a Friday night. No work for Thomas in the morning, less chance of him turning into a total dick and taking it out on everyone if Parker happened to not do well with the switch.

I recall Holden doing pretty well.. but he also took a pacifier, so when he DID wake up- we just walked in, popped the binkie in his mouth, patted his butt for a minute and walked back out. Problem solved.
Parker and his non-binkie-taking ass.. if he wakes up in the middle of the night crying… will probably have to be picked up out of his crib and rocked back to sleep. That won’t be fun. He doesn’t wake up much these days.. not unless he’s hungry, but all could change when he’s in a big scary crib instead of a cozy little bassinet with Mommy and Daddy only a few feet away.

For once, I am going to attempt to be optimistic and allow myself to think this change is for the best.. that we’ll all sleep better, etc etc. Can’t help but to hear that little voice in the back of my head screaming “noooooo, it will all be ruiinnneeddddd!”
I need a hammer for when that voice decides to chirp.

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  • Yay for crib sleeping!! I can honestly tell you that Braden did a million times better when we moved him into his own room. For the first 4 months we kept him in his crib in our room, but we started to be more a nuisance than a help. I swear he was sleeping through the night within the first couple nights. It was fantastic! Because Parker is used to noise, you might want to try a humidifier in his room. The sound of that fan running helps Braden immensely. We also have to run a seperate fan in his room though because we don’t have carpet and we have a vaulted ceiling in our living room – echo city!! You might even want to think about looking for a white noise machine on Craigslist. See how he does though. The kiddo might just surprise ya! Let me know how it goes!

  • Holden slept in our room with the TV on and did fine with the adjustment without a white noise machine or anything.. but Parker is a strange creature. never know what he’s gonna throw my way

  • I’m thinking “pleasantly surprised” for you. Please, think the same for us. LOL Good luck!