Where did you get your medical license again?

Sometimes I have to wonder if the diagnosis you’re given is what you or your child ACTUALLY has, or if it’s just a sloppy label that’s been slapped on because you’ve been in their office for five hours, and they can’t send you home without having a name for what is wrong.. so they just pick one symptom that fits one illness and BAM- that’s what you’ve got!
Do they assume you won’t go home and research it and scratch your head because other than that one symptom, nothing else fits? You’ll just accept it and move on instead of trying to find out what’s REALLY wrong.
Don’t get me started on “colic”- because what I just wrote above is exactly what I think colic is.

Laziness, rushing, not being thorough enough- all things I am NOT a fan of when it comes to doctors. I know they have to try and make an estimated guess because there’s not some little sensor that lights up on the back of your head saying “change oil!”.. so if you’ve got a good doctor, they’re going to do the best they can to narrow things down to what their education and training has led them to believe the root problem is. It may not always be right- but at least they tried… right?

The more I research Bronchiolitis.. the more I think it just doesn’t fit what is wrong with Parker. It doesn’t match up, it doesn’t make sense.
Sure, he has the labored breathing (that honestly doesn’t bother him unless he’s eating) and decreased appetite (because he has labored breathing).. but other than that, NOTHING matches.
In order to have bronchiolitis (and feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but this is what I understood from all I read).. you had to have RSV first. Parker had been sick for not enough time for RSV to turn in to Bronchiolitis. And not only that, but ALL of his tests for RSV came back negative, as I said yesterday. So why did the doctor INSIST that he has Bronchiolitis instead of looking at the test results and thinking “oh this doesn’t match up, has to be something else- something else that I need to figure out”
Tired of dealing with us? Just making a poor assumption based on one symptom and a bunch of NEGATIVE TESTS?
And if he was sooo sure it was Bronchiolitis caused by RSV.. why the hell didn’t he give us antibiotics? Bronchiolitis (gah i’m so sick of typing that) means his bronchial tubes are infected and inflamed.. meaning they’d need antibiotics and not just the nebulizer to help open the airway- so why weren’t we given any?

Parker is much better today. He was much better last night. For how sick i’m told he is, he does not act it at ALL. If I didn’t tell you he is sick, you would never ever know. I didn’t expect him to sleep through the night since he IS still having breathing issues.. but he slept until 4am solidly, cried for less than 45 minutes and went back to sleep until 8am. He was SO good for the rest of the day that Thomas and I found ourselves very puzzled. He fell asleep on his own on the couch when on any normal day he has to be rocked, he hardly cried at all- even at bed time when he usually SCREAMS at me because he’s so hungry and tired and i’m keeping him awake so he’ll sleep longer at night. Didn’t mind at all tonight.

I’m no doctor, obviously.. so I really have no idea what’s wrong with him and I suppose it could very well be Bronchiolitis, but it just doesn’t add up when you put all of his symptoms together. My main concern is that if he is misdiagnosed, that something else is wrong and we aren’t treating it correctly.. and while he’s acting happy and smiley and playing with toys- he could take a turn for the worse very quickly without the correct medication.
The breathing treatments seem to be helping- the put him right to sleep. He’s eating more and puking less- but his breathing isn’t getting BETTER. It’s only been one day so i’m just crossing my fingers at this point that he’ll be just fine and this is just some virus that needs to pass through his system once and for all.

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  • marcus is the same way. he could be ob his deathbed and he’d still smile at you. hoping the poor little guy gets better soon!

  • It confuses me more because the DOCTOR was so confused! Be confused, but don’t let ME know you’re confused, KWIM?
    a baby “so sick” as Parker should not be as happy and peaceful as he is.. which definitely leads me to believe there’s something else wrong. RSV and Bronchiolitis.. he’d be screaming inconsolably. No screaming at ALL! what the poo?

  • I would consider taking him into emergency and having one of THOSE doctors look at him if he doesn’t keep getting better. They might suggest an ultrasound rather than an x-ray, which could give them a better look inside to see what’s going on. But I’m glad to hear he seems to be feeling better. It’s always scary when they aren’t eating. My little guy did have to be hooked to an IV and all that because of not eating when he was only about 3 weeks old. I hope things turn out well for you.

  • Is it possible that the RSV had already passed? Maybe that’s what happened. The RSV passed and just left the bronchiolitis kind of like how roseola does? You don’t know they have it until the last symptom shows up.

    I hope the breathing treatments keep helping. Maybe his labored breathing will taper off with time. How long does he have to do the treatments? He could just be too tired to fuss much from fighting the infection or whatever, kwim?

  • No, not possible. I took him to the doctor less than 24 hours into being sick. RSV lasts for weeks, and makes for INCREDIBLY unhappy babies. Parker was unhappy for ONE day. Not to mention, there would have been something in the Xray especially since it was only day 2 of being sick.. and his bronchial tubes would clearly be inflamed and his 02 levels would be down.. neither of which are the case for Parker.

    He’s more alert and happier than ever- the breathing doesn’t bother him one single bit which is why I never noticed it. You’d never even know it was going on unless you lifted up his shirt and were looking for it