Way to go, Walgreens.

On any normal day, I am a Walgreens enthusiast. I love their cheapo toy section, I love that we got our Christmas tree and all the decorations for half off or more.. and their photo department kicks the ass of all other “1-hour photo” places (such as Target and Walmart, who have both effed up my photos on MULTIPLE occasions, or they just look like total crap).
I got Holden’s “special big boy candy canes” there for something like .50 cents.. an ENTIRE friggin’ box, got his (current) favorite toy in the entire world there that i’ve never seen anywhere else (Lightning McQueen matchbox car,some kind of special edition, who knows)..
And since we moved into our house, we’ve been using them as our pharmacy as well.

Everything was going perfectly, and each day my love of Walgreens grew stronger (especially with the free 8X10 photos and their 9 cent photo deal)… until we switched insurance. And more specifically, when Parker got sick.
As if a sick baby isn’t bad enough- having to get him all kinds of medications makes it even worse. Nail biting about how much they’re going to cost you, because you never know what tier the medication is.

The first breathing treatment, as i’ve mentioned before, cost us $106 at Walgreens, with our insurance only covering about $100.
Last night, his antibiotics cost $50, one breathing treatment was $13, and the other was $400.. with insurance hardly covering any of ANY of them.
As much as I wanted Parker to have the correct medication.. no way could we spare $400 for a breathing treatment that a lot of doctors don’t even believe has any effect on children under 6 months old. So we refused it, and decided to call the doctor the next day (today).
Meanwhile, i’m cursing our stupid insurance for constantly messing EVERYTHING up, from hospital bills, to copays, and now medication my baby needs.

Come to find out, it was my beloved Walgreens messing everything up. Every one of those prescriptions should have only costed us $5.00. FIVE DOLLARS. Not FOUR HUNDRED.

For the medication we paid $106 for, our insurance doesn’t even have a record of at ALL. What in the hell did Walgreens do?? ‘Cause it isn’t like we paid the full amount on that, we only paid half.. so whose insurance was it filed under? It couldn’t be our old insurance, they would have gotten some kind of rejection notice and asked us for new information. I am baffled.

So currently, Thomas is going BACK to Walgreens to be refunded for the antibiotics, to pick up the breathing treatment we couldn’t afford.. and who the hell KNOWS how we’re going to get money back for the first breathing treatment.. especially since our insurance isn’t the one who messed up, and has no record of. Probably going to have to file some sort of ridiculous claim, and then wait for weeks and weeks on end to get a refund. Ridiculous!

I’m happy that our FSA will no longer be dwindled down to nothing, but have lost all faith in Walgreens pharmacy. This is a screw up of mega-proportions. The screw up of all screw ups.
Someone should get fired.. or at least seriously scolded. BAD pharmacy tech, BAD!!!!!

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