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Originally, tonight’s blog was going to be expanding on my thoughts on depo, the facts, the rumors, etc.. but recently, many strange things have been happening in my house. After today, I don’t think it can be ignored anymore. I’m not sure it’s all just coincidence anymore.

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, the ‘other side’, ghosts, spirits, etc- is really up to you. Me? I’ve been a believer my entire life.
One of my earliest memories is waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a ghost outside of my window.. and the only thing I could think to do to soothe myself was to put the covers over my head and sing the “Ghostbusters” theme song.
From that point on I had experience after experience in that house. Voices, moving objects, lights that turned on and off on their own, loud thumps when no one was home.. that eerie feeling that someone is watching you. I had a lot of miserable years in that house, being terrified late at night.

Every house I live in now, i’d have to say i’m almost paranoid that there will be something else occupying it other than myself and my family.

I’ve always believe that small children and animals have a much thinner veil to the paranormal than adults. Maybe because they haven’t learned to be skeptical.. who knows.
You see dogs getting upset and worked up over ‘nothing’? Barking at thin air? Perhaps you should wonder if it really is nothing.

From the age where Holden could coo at anything, and we were living in the craptacular townhouse, I noticed him talking to walls. You may think that’s typical for a baby.. but it wasn’t random cooing- but focusing on a particular spot and having what sounded like a conversation. In that same house, the baby monitor acted up when no one was in Holden’s room, and we’d never been on anyone else’s frequency saying “Hello?? Hello??”

After all the scary movies that focus on children talking to creepy ghosts.. it was hard not to be paranoid that that was exactly what he was doing. I thought that maybe he was talking to my Mom, since the feeling in his room was never a hostile feeling- but always much colder. And since her embroidered picture was hanging in his room.

I had no feelings in this house when we originally moved into it. We’d been slacking on hanging pictures, so my mom’s embroidery has not been hung yet..
but lately, at night in the dark, i’ve been getting that eery feeling again. The kind of feeling that makes you rush through whatever you’re doing to get back into the light, or back into bed as fast as you can.
And then Holden started.. seeing things.

Two year olds have active imaginations, sure.. but i’m not sure that I can write this off as that. It’s too strange, too creepy.

It started with him randomly waking at night, absolutely hysterical. While it MAY have been teething, it’s continued on.. even though I counted his teeth- he has all 20. He isn’t teething anymore, and hasn’t been for over a week… yet the waking up at night has gotten worse, and more hysterical.

But a few weeks ago was the creepiest. Thomas didn’t want to tell me- I think he knows just how much of a believer I am in all of this, and how I can let my mind run away with things until I can’t sleep at night..
He caught Holden in his room, talking to nothing. He asked Holden who he was talking to.
Holden pointed into thin air and said “guy”
Holden doesn’t call just ANYTHING guy, only people. He’s a little young for an imaginary friend.

Earlier this week he was playing in his room for a minute and came running out screaming like he was terrified out of his mind, for no reason. He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.

Today I put him down for a nap and 5 minutes later, I heard him screaming hysterically from his room. I ran in, and got to him just as he was basically flying out of his bed to run to me. Again, wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, just saying “want mommy, want mommy!” and telling me to take him out of his room. I took him into the bathroom, and every time I told him he needed to go back to bed (which usually he won’t argue about if he hasn’t been down for a nap for very long) he started freaking out again.

Each of these times.. I got that feeling again. The feeling that I wasn’t alone in that room. That there was something else there other than Holden and I.

I really hope that i’m just reading into things, that there’s nothing else in this house other than the living- but I can’t shake the feeling that Holden is REALLY seeing something. His room is always colder than the rest of the house.. and really the only room that I get any kind of uneasy feeling in other than the bathroom- but i’ve been scared of bathrooms since seeing Candyman at a very young age and my brother traumatizing me by locking me in the bathroom and telling me he was going to get me.

So what to do? Where to go from here? Ride it out and see if it stops? I’m too much of a wuss to EVER try an EVP session in my own house.
It’s already on my mind so much that soon Holden won’t be the only one losing sleep over it. If Holden wakes up one more time with a similar experience to the past few- I think something will have to be done. Can’t have any creepy ghosties in my house scaring my kids.

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  • We are going through the same thing. Just Mon night Kyra’s vanity that has never worked or made a sound went off like 6 times in a row every hour for like 3 hours. We took out the batteries and it still continued to go off so we got rid of it. Has any of his toys gone off? I was going to mention doing an EVP session with a voice recorder and spend the night out of the house and see what you get. We did that and found not one but 3 voices. Just be prepared to find anything and how to handle it. I swore to Frank that if we get another house it is not to be and old house like this one but one of new construction. This wasn’t meant to scare you (about the EVP) but to let you know that you aren’t alone.

  • you could always just get an emf detector…we have one, but we don’t have a ghost so it only works with electronics. lol. maybe he is seeing something. you could always do what jay and grant do…try to have a conversation with the ghosts and have them light up the emf. at least if you know it’s nothing evil, it would ease your worries a little. him saying he’s talking to “guy” kinda creeps me out though! good luck!

  • this is one of those moments that, for me, ignorance is bliss! as long as there is no harm happening to anyone.. then I don’t wanna know! Me KNOWING for sure that there’s something here would mean I would literally NEVER sleep because of all the paranormal shit I went through when I was little