Toddler ogling.

One thing that I absolutely can not stand, can not get over, makes my grit my teeth and white knuckle is when random strangers come up and ogle my kids.
I’m not talking about the “Oh how cute!”, maybe coupled with a “Hi there cutie!” directed towards the lil’un. That is normal and completely acceptable. Everyone likes to hear that their baby is cute- and the best way to hear it is when it’s short and sweet. Get in, get out.

There have, of course, been times where it has drug on too long for my liking, causing awkwardness and a strong uncomfortable feeling.. plus it’s annoying- but more often than not, since a baby is nothing but a lump that might smile at you and that’s about it- the chances of someone hanging around you for more than a minute or two are pretty slim. Not to say it DOESN’T happen, there are a hell of a lot of weirdos out there- but usually the interaction is short and relatively harmless.

As Holden gets older, the strangers seem to be more adventurous, and don’t know when to either walk away or shut the hell up.

I miss the phase where any stranger who walked up to us and tried to even speak a single word to Holden was brutally rebuffed. And not by me, but by him. Instant scream fest. I certainly didn’t need a reason to walk away.. and people tend to get the hint when a child seems to find them completely horrifying.

Now that Holden is the age where he can communicate with people in English, they seem to think he’s open territory. No more are just passing comments on how cute he is, or asking me how old he is. I don’t even exist anymore.
Random ass strangers just walk right up and start conversations with him.
I find it weird, annoying, and incredibly frustrating.

Yesterday while shopping with both boys- an older lady walked right up and started talking to Holden. Did his puzzled and unhappy look stop her? Oh hell no!

There I am, trying to make my way through the isles, and she just won’t leave him alone. Talking to him about her family, pointing to some globe she was holding and telling him where they all live and all of their names.. pointing to her shirt and explaining it to him as if he actually cared (he didn’t, at all.)
Meanwhile, Parker,who was also in the cart (Holden rarely rides in the cart anymore, but yesterday he wanted to.. for once, it seemed to be a very bad idea because on any other day he’d just walk away from this batshit crazy lady) was ridiculously upset. He was fussing and crying and nothing I was doing was helping the situation.. yet this lady just wouldn’t quit.

I had hoped Thomas, who was standing a few feet away looking at drinking glasses (since all of ours have mysteriously found themselves cracked or broken over the past few months) would help me out of this situation by saying we had to go, or even just walking away so i’d have to follow.. but no, he seemed to be pretending he wasn’t with us and left me to deal with this wackadoodle all on my own.

While on this blog I may seem opinionated and assertive.. I do try not to be rude to strangers, but this woman was working my last nerve. Couldn’t she see I was busy? Or that Holden was not interested in anything she had to say? Or that Parker was screaming and she was holding me up from getting the hell out of there? Couldn’t she feel the flaming poison covered eye daggers I was shooting her?
Sure, I could have politely excused myself.. but that’s just not me, especially considering how irritated I was by that point.

If you feel like you don’t exist to other people when you have an infant, just wait until your kid can speak.. all hell breaks loose. People no longer care that you’re covered in vomit or baby crap, they don’t care that you have places to go- they’re talking to your KID, not you. Didn’t you know that??

Really, I should have just been rude to the whack-job. Same lady decided to shoot ME flaming eye daggers a couple of minutes later when Holden decided to be a total brat and I was disciplining him. So sorry my attempt to raise a normal house-broken well mannered child offends you, psycho!

Next stranger who comes up to me and sparks a one-sided five plus minute conversation with my two year old is getting a swift kick to the throat.
Let’s see you continue to talk when you can’t catch your breath!!!

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  • I am glad that it isn’t happening to just me! Ha I totally understand what you are going through and it most def. is weird and awkward. People have been doing it to Kyra forever and it totally bugs me. It has gotten worse since she is the one that starts the convoersation by saying “hi” to random people. I just don’t know what to do besides be rude, because they don’t seem to get the picture.

  • yeah that’s really weird having her talk to him like he was her grandkid. I have straight up walked away froms omeone before, lol

  • it is good
    i like it