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So onto our regularly scheduled blog- since yesterday as interrupted by freaky ghostly happenings (which happened again today by the way, but instead of a “guy” being in his room, it was a “monster”, ugh).

I’ve been concerned about birth control from the beginning. Side effects, increased potassium, breakthrough bleeding, uncontrollable rashes..
For me, when it comes to birth control- as informed as I like to be, in a lot of ways I feel like ignorance is bliss. The power of suggestion is a LOW more pursuasive to your brain than you may give it credit for. I believe that if you read the side effects, you’re more likely to HAVE the side effects just because you know they’re possible, which convinces your brain to give your body those specific ones. Some are uncontrollable, I won’t deny that- but a lot of it is your brain playing nasty tricks on you. So if you DON’T know what the side effects are- you’re less likely to get them. Just my point of view, and so far it’s worked out well for me in many aspects of life.
To give an example of my brain messing with me: when I got my wisdom teeth out- the first few days were painful, but no nasty side effects.. and then randomly I decided to read the back of the pill bottle. “May cause diarrhea”.. I can’t remember the EXACT wording, but I know it said it would cause it badly, for a prolonged period of time.
Wouldn’t you know it, later that day- explosive shits, for DAYS on end. My butt hated me for weeks after that. Ohhh the power of suggestion!
The “sticks and stones” saying is BULLSHIT! words DO hurt!

Anyways, to get to the point- I avoided the reading of side effects for that reason alone. I knew some, just because of what my OBGYN informed me of before deciding Depo was right for me.
Breakthrough bleeding, possible cramping.. “People will tell you Depo will make you fat”- no.. not true. For a very small percentage it can INCREASE your appetite- keep that under control, fatties! Of course if you give in to EVERY craving you’re going to gain weight! Maybe those chicks who got fat on Depo should have been paying better attention to their eating habits. Just sayin’
The one that concerned me the most was getting pregnant AFTER depo. Lots and lots of rampant speculation surrounding that subject.

My OBGYN said it could take a couple of months just to get your cycle back to normal, but it didn’t matter HOW long you were on depo- it wouldn’t effect the amount of time to get pregnant. I trust my OBGYN, she is knowledgeable, but after all i’ve read I have to wonder.
I’ve read boards where girls said it’s been YEARS since they’ve been off of depo and they still can’t get pregnant.. and that concerns me.
I’m still not totally positive that Parker will be our last. I’m still dying for a little girl.. and beyond that, i’m so young that regardless of gender I may want another in the future once my boys are older and in school.

The way depo works to prevent pregnancy is the hormone gets stored in fat cells, so it can take a while to wear off even after the 3 month window is closed (since you have to get the shot every 3 months to ensure prevention).
The girls having trouble getting pregnant after depo makes me wonder if they’ve gotten pregnant BEFORE depo. If they haven’t- it could be some other kind of issue just with either their parts or their partner’s sperm.. or they could be missing the window altogether. The only way to know for sure is to take an ovulation test to see if ovulation is occurring. For those who have gotten pregnant before depo, and are having trouble afterward- the same question comes up- how long did it take them to get pregnant before? Are they just missing their ovulation and blaming it on the pill? Is the age they are now making it harder to become pregnant than when they got pregnant before going on depo?

Even off of boards, websites with “factual” information said it can take up to 18 months to get a cycle back. EIGHTEEN. That’s a LONG damn time!
If I decide to get pregnant again, I don’t want to have to wait for 18 months just to have the ability to get pregnant back. If I decide to get pregnant again, it’s going to be a “ok, this needs to happen now”- and I realize that’s a lofty goal to make- as I have no idea if my fertility will change over the years- but I certainly don’t want another hurdle to have to jump over… and end up being in my mid 30s trying to get pregnant (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not something i’ve ever wanted to do).

So I have no idea what to do! Maybe stay on depo for a year or two.. and then go on a regular pill- which i’ve read you can get pregnant the NEXT cycle after coming off of it.. just to be sure that my fatty cells aren’t keeping that evil ovulation-stopping hormone around if and when we decide we want another.
BUT.. so far I really LIKE depo! No breakthrough bleeding, no cramping.. and i’m still losing weight- haven’t noticed ANY increase in appetite, but perhaps that’s because i’m so conscious of what I eat all the time anyways. It seems to work well for me thus far, and I know it’s early to be saying that- but when you find a birth control method that works for you, you don’t really want to mess with that and chance going on something that will totally mess you up.

Then again, I don’t want it to take 4 years and fertility medications to get pregnant again (IF we decide to do so) and end up with triplets! ACK!!

But most recently it was getting pregnant ON depo. It’s been known to happen. No birth control is 100% (except ABSTINENCE! as you’ve learned in school)

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