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My life is in picture overload right now.

There are many things I would not classify myself as, but one thing I just can’t deny is that I am a super procrastinator of mega-proportions. I wait until the absolute last second and then totally freak myself out trying to get things done before I run out of time.
I’ve always been this way, can’t remember a time when I haven’t been.. and as much and as many times as i’ve sworn to myself that i’ll change and get more motivation- I never do. Physically impossible for me to do things in a timely manner.

This procrastination crap always comes back to bite me in the ass. And hard.

Right before Holden’s first birthday, I realized that even though i’d taken thousands of pictures- I hadn’t printed a SINGLE one out.
Cut to me scrambling for the 3 weeks before his birthday to pick and choose and edit photos all into a HUGE photo book of his entire first year so that we could get it before his party (so that everyone there could sign it).

You’d think after going through all that stress that i’d be on top of printing out photos or making photo books to keep up with it before it became overwhelming… nope. Other than a few pictures here and there, nothing. I didn’t print anything out. I took THOUSANDS of pictures, and didn’t do a thing with them other than post them to facebook or myspace.

Did I think about it? Sure, but once again, procrastination got the best of me.

I started looking around the house at our bare walls for the past few weeks and got fed up. Thomas and I went on a picture printing spree. 400+ pictures later.. and I still have to put them all into albums.. and figure out the chronological order since Walgreens decided to UN-order them after printing (thanks a lot walgreens!).. label them.. put the ones we like enough into frames and hang them- and we won’t even go into how picky I am about where things are hung.
All the way back to Holden’s 1st birthday, it’s totally ridiculous. That’s over a year of photos to sort and put into albums. A LOT of work!

I’m guessing this project is going to take weeks.. I am not pleased. It’s tedious and annoying and of course, i’m wishing i’d kept up with it so I didn’t have to go back through it all when it’s been so long and figure out what was going on in all the photos. Blah.

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