Parental Overshare

Throughout both my childrens’ lives, I have always documented absolutely everything.. as should be clear by the subject matter of this blog.

While there are lines that I draw, there isn’t much left that is taboo in my world.

Since Parker has been sick, i’ve taken numerous pictures of him getting his nebulizer treatments and posted them on Facebook for all of my friends to see- and I don’t doubt that it might freak some people out. No one wants to see a sick baby hooked up to a scary looking contraption with a mask over his face. It’s a part of his life.. not a particularly happy part of his life- but being the documentarian that I am, I want to be able to remember it for future reference, or to show any other mom that has to go through it what it’s like.

I have no problem talking about poop, snot, puke.. hell, I find all of those things funny. If you can’t laugh at getting shat on by your kid- then life will really begin to suck for you, so I always try to find the funny within the horrible.

Have I TAKEN pictures of poop? Yes. Yes I have. My line in the sand comes into play right there. While I might take them, the only person who ever sees those photos are myself and Thomas. I have never and will never be one of those moms to take a picture of my kid’s shit in the toilet and post it on Facebook with a caption “BABY TOOK A DOODOO IN THE POTTY! YAAAYYY BABY!” for unsuspecting friends to look at and follow with a dry heave or years worth of nightmares- because let’s face it.. baby shit is not pretty. It is disturbing, and NO ONE wants to see that.

I may write about the consistency and frequency of my childrens’ crap here on this blog- but people who come to this blog EXPECT that when they come here.. and generally find it pretty amusing. Not all of my friends are parents.. which means that not all of my friends find the humor in gravity defying baby diarrhea, so I refrain from subjecting them to that without their consent. Luckily, most of my mommy friends feel the same and they do not subject me to the same via facebook status update with photo included. I don’t like looking at my kid’s crap, no way would I want to look at someone else’s.

Those photos should be kept for when your not-so little one brings home their first date to embarrass them with after years of being tormented by them. Poopy and naked bath time pictures(extra points if you get both of those in one photo) are the absolute best revenge.

Quick update on Parker: He is feeling MUCH better. He slept from 9:15pm-7:30am without ever waking up.. and was blissfully happy for the majority of the day. Even more than when he ISN’T sick, which is very strange. I sort of feeling like something is going to sneak up on us when we least expect it. I hope not, but it’s a looming feeling. He’s eating more than he was a few days ago, but still not up to his normal amount. Even with all the nebulizer treatments and his improved temperament, his breathing has not improved. I don’t know what to make of that. Maybe there’s something ELSE wrong, something totally different than just a virus or a temporary sickness. I sure as hell nope not.. but I find it weird that while everything else has gotten so much better, his breathing hasn’t. Tonight after his last bottle, he was asleep in Thomas’ arms and his leg started to shake uncontrollably. Talk about freaking your parents out. My first thought was that it was the way Thomas was holding him (which was NO different than usual mind you), maybe pinching a nerve.. but with the current situation- it’s hard to not allow your mind to jump to the worst possible conclusion. Thomas said seizure.. I am not a fan of that word.
He has a follow up appointment tomorrow so of course that will be brought up. I will be concerned and checking on him frequently until then.

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  • You reminded me of a time on JM when I posted a poo picture. Whoops. LOL I think something was wrong with her/her poop and I was worried.

    When Ally went through that bout of puking and they diagnosed it as reflux, I just couldn’t accept it because she didn’t spit up a lot as a baby and I had already had the stomach bug TWICE. Didn’t fit. I took my instincts and stopped the reflux meds. As you know, she was fine without them and has been. My nephew was on nebulizer treatments for asthma and he still has to have them every now and then(bad allergies/trouble breathing). I hope Parker’s breathing clears up soon.

  • You posted the poo picture on JM for other moms to see. They expect poop talk and things of that nature!