One of my Top 3 ‘Worst Days Ever’

In years, no day has been worse than today. Today is for sure one of the top 3 worst days ever in my entire life.. and is a contender for the top spot.

I don’t have much time, you’ll know why as I go on, so i’m going to TRY and keep this horrific experience breakdown as short as possible- but with everything that transpired I don’t see that happening.

After not being able to find a sitter to watch the boys for my appointment today to FINALLY get the depo shot.. and Parker taking a nasty turn for the worse yesterday- Thomas and I decided that he would take a very early “lunch” and come and meet me at the ped’s office and take the boys in to get Parker checked in while I ran right down the street to my OBGYN to get my shot. Seems like a smart plan- two birds with one stone.

We just changed insurance providers, and with the new provider came a flex-spending account. Thomas put $500 onto it, so I would stop having to pay so many RIDICULOUS copays and all these damn prescriptions.. but just like a credit card- it needed to be activated. So he took it to work with him.
BAD IDEA. I needed the card so I could pick up my depo at the pharmacy before my appointment.. so then his schedule had to be re-arranged in order to go and pick it up.
Wouldn’t you know- they had no record of my Rx. I call the nurse, and she insists she DID in fact call it in- even had record of what day and time she did so.. so she called Walgreens and gave them a good talking to and that stupid medicine was ready in under 10 minutes.

The depo shot went off without a hitch. They didn’t even give me a pregnancy test even though they made a HUGE deal about how long i’d waited to call them to make the appt because I might get myself knocked up and bla de bla bla. The shot feels like that shot you get when you’re a kid and your arm hurts for DAYS and you can hardly lift it up. Remember that? What was it, tetanus?

It seemed to be a good sign. I was pretty sure the pediatrician was going to go just as smoothly. Well.. I knew they’d say Parker was sick, considering he screamed from 2am-7am last night.. pretty much nonstop. Holden woke up feeling hot and coughing and saying his “mouth hurts” so we called the doctor beforehand and got him added on to the appointment just to make sure all was well.
Parker still wasn’t eating much but he was screaming a HELL of a lot less, so I figured.. maybe just the cold coming back, maybe an ear infection- no biggie. Although yesterday I did have this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that something more was wrong. His breathing seemed weird. Tried to brush that feeling off.

I rushed back to the pediatrician from the OBGYN and the boys were already in a room. Thomas and I make the switch off and a few minutes later the doctor came in, not our regular doctor mind you. At first he was incredibly rude and condescending towards me, I did not appreciate that. I am not an uninformed parent, or a new parent- and I don’t like being treated like I know nothing at all.
Checked his ears, perfect, his lungs.. clear. Then he checks Parker’s breathing.. and then re-checks. He says to me that Parker seems fine, BUT, his breathing is abnormal. He pulls up Parker’s onesie to get a look at his chest.. and he isn’t breathing through his chest. Instead, the breathing is fast and under his ribs. Scary sight to see, and I hadn’t even noticed that before. I had noticed he was breathing quickly, but that was it. He checks Parker’s breathing again. A normal baby takes 30 breaths per minute, Parker was at 80 (Holden’s checkup was fine, no issues or problems at all, just a cold). This was very concerning and he immediately sends us downstairs for an Xray.
We waited an HOUR to get called back for the Xray. I was only glad Parker slept the whole time but by this point, his bottle was getting later and later and since he’d already been eating so little and even his poor soft spot was sunk in a little so I knew he was getting dehydrated and I wanted him to eat. Wasn’t gonna happen.

For the Xray Parker was all smiles. He didn’t like me holding him down, but he was a trooper.
Holden acted like a perfect angel. Sat quietly and played while this all went down. His lunch was also getting later and later.

We got back upstairs and back into our room and the nurse wants us to start Parker on a nebulizer for his breathing. Incredibly scary to put a mask over his face and watch the sad look in his eyes as he breaths mist in.
Once that’s done, she comes back and asks if we had gotten labs done while we were downstairs. Uhh.. no, no one said anything about labs.
So she says we have to go BACK downstairs for labs. MORE lugging Parker, Parker’s crap, and Holden around when my arm was killing me from the depo shot and I was already hungry and exhausted and frustrated and scared.

Again, nothing I could do. He needed the labs, so back down we went. I figured we’d be waiting ANOTHER hour so I bring out Parker’s bottle and start to feed him. Not even 2 ounces in, and we get called back. Great. Had to stop his bottle, he was not happy about it.
I thought the labs would just be a toe prick.. no. They wanted to get blood from a vein.
I have NEVER had a sick baby, and never imagined Parker would get so sick that they needed a vein so at that point I was freaking out. They tried and tried to find a vein in his arm and couldn’t find one and started talking about putting the needle into his head. I wanted to die at that point. My poor sick little baby. They checked the other arm and luckily found one there. Parker screamed, a LOT.. even more when the needle came out.
All this time, Holden was acting like a perfect angel. The room was decked OUT in Spongebob crap.. he was in total heaven. Spongebob is the ONE show he asks for by name every day.

Labs are done, we go BACK upstairs and back into our room where I attempt to get him to finish the bottle. Another ounce in.. and he vomits the entire 3 ounces back up all over himself, his carseat, and me. He was soaked. And I didn’t have any extra clothes for him. I was so upset at that point I just held him to me, soaking myself, and got him to down the rest of the bottle. No more spitting up after that. I wasn’t happy that he’d only gotten 2.5 ounces in in FIVE hours but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I didn’t have any more formula with me. I never expected to be there for so long.

The nurse has us do ANOTHER breathing treatment, and the doctor says while his chest xrays came back totally fine- they might want to admit him to the childrens’ hospital because of his breathing.. but he was going to wait for the labs to come back. He was confused about the Xrays, he was positive his chest would have fluid or SOMETHING in there to indicate RSV, which was what he thought Parker had.
It was 3:30pm by that point. Holden’s lunch is usually at noon, and on any normal day he’d already have taken a nap and woken up. No food, nothing with us… and he was begging for food and no one seemed to care.
The nurse that took care of Holden when HE was an infant came in and saw how distressed I was (we looooove that nurse) and offered HER snack for Holden. That woman is the best. It was a pack of peanut butter chocolate crackers, two of Holden’s all time favs. He was happy, which made me happy.. but still sad that he hadn’t gotten a full lunch or a nap, I knew he was tired and wanted to go home. And I had tears in my eyes thinking of my baby being hooked up to IVs and tubes in a childrens hospital all weekend. How could he be THAT sick?

The doctor comes back in after his 2nd breathing treatment. We start discussing home care for Parker.. doing breathing treatments at home if I was comfortable doing that. He couldn’t wrap his head around how not only had the Xray come back clean, but how Parker was smiling and interacting with how distressed his condition was. He said if we went to CHKD, they’d probably send us home.
The labs come back. All normal except his white count. A little high, indicating a bacterial infection (I THINK). Meaning he was sick.. but no one could figure out why. Even though all the tests had come back normal, the doctor was still convinced that Parker had RSV, and not just RSV, but Bronchiolitis, a condition caused by RSV that is potentially fatal. Great.

Still, he sends us home with a nebulizer and a prescription for the stuff that goes in it.. but no antibiotics. If he has RSV, he needs antibiotics. I don’t get it!!
They took Parker’s temp one more time since he hadn’t been on tylenol- 98.6. Crazy. You would have thought it would be high as hell with how sickly he was.

FINALLY, at 5pm, we get to go home. We got there before 11:30.. to give you an idea of how outrageously long we were there. No food, one bottle, up and down elevators and across corridors and needles and xrays.. Just an all around AWFUL DAY.
I picked up chicken nuggets & fries for Holden (which i’d been promising him all day because I felt so bad that he had to sit there and do nothing the whole time) and dropped off the prescription for Parker.

We get home, eat, Parker is sleeping, and then Thomas gets home. Thank GOD. I was SO exhausted by that point it was unreal. As much as I wanted to let Parker sleep, I knew he NEEDED to eat. So we woke him up.. Lots of screaming. He didn’t eat much.. but better than nothing, and of course- puked most of it back up.
We then went to get his prescription.. can you guess how much it was?? ONE HUNDRED AND SIX DOLLARS.. and that’s AFTER insurance covered over $100 of it. Holy hell! Thank GOD for the flex spending account or we NEVER would have been able to afford it.
I took Holden into Walgreens with me to let him pick out a special toy since he had been SOOOOOO sooooooo good all day when most 2 year olds would have been flipping their shit.. of course he picked out a Lightning McQueen matchbox car. $4.50 well spent and WELL deserved.. he is obsessed and happy.

Parker was semi fussy and not really eating for the rest of the evening.. but he LAUGHED for the first time. He’s chuckled plenty of times, but he LAUGHED. A baby SO sick laughing? Insane. He is SO strong.
I’m still terrified though. I just read a blog last week about a baby around Parker’s age who died after being diagnosed with RSV when he had Whooping Cough. That poor baby and poor mommy.. that thought is nearly sending me over the edge. My baby HAS to be ok. I’m really tempted to sleep on the floor by his crib tonight just to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Babies should NEVER get sick, it just doesn’t seem fair or right.

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