Name brand, shmame brand!

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I’ve written on the topic of store brand infant formulas many, MANY times before and how they are just as good as name-brand formulas, plus half the price- but now there’s even more proof, and more reason to feel comfortable not always going with the pricey name brand formula.

The title of the press release alone says it all:

“Mead Johnson, Maker of Enfamil, Loses Multi-Million Dollar False Advertising Case Against Store-Brand Infant Formulas

This could change the future of infant formula forever.
Mead Johnson had claimed that store brand infant formulas did not contain the same level of nutrition as the Mead Johnson’s brands (Enfamil). This was found to be completely untrue and PBM Products LLC, a leading infant formula company that supplies formula to national chains such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Target, and many other leading chains has just been awarded the largest false advertisement damages claim in history. Mead Johnson is never again allowed to make claims that store brand infant formula is not as good as ‘name brand’ – it’s simply not true!

If you ever felt uncomfortable buying store brand infant formula before because of rumors of it not being as good for your baby as name-brands, this should make you feel so much more secure in wanting to save HUNDREDS of dollars per year. Now there is proof that the formulas are exactly the same in nutritional value- only store brand formula is about 50% less!

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