More dead ends

My instincts were correct- today’s follow up appointment with snooty know-it-all yet knows nothing doctor was completely and utterly fruitless.

Parker, a.k.a the happiest baby on earth spent the entire appointment grinning and cooing and kicking his little legs like crazy- not the symptoms of a baby with RSV and/or Bronchiolitis.. yet the pediatrician is still insisting that’s what it is..(and still not giving Parker antibiotics, which he should be getting if he has Bronchiolitis.. which to me is a key sign that it ISN’T what he has and the doctor just thinks i’ll be satisfied by him slapping a name on the illness. WRONG.

There are plenty of parents who just blindly accept diagnoses without doing more research just because they trust their doctors that much- i’m not one of those parents. I’m not satisfied until I myself am confident that the doctor is 100% correct.. and that’s after much research of my own.
All of my research thus far has told me that the diagnosis Parker has been given is wrong. And tonight I turn to Google to do more. I need answers. I need real answers, not just ones I get stuck with that don’t seem to fit.

I know what you’re thinking- why don’t we get a second opinion? Ohh how I wish that were an attractive option. Unfortunately, with all of the appointments we’ve already been to, the ridiculous cost of the nebulizer treatment, and my depo shot WITH copayment- our flexible spending account has already taken an enormous hit (and it JUST started) and right now we don’t have time or money to be trying to find another diagnosis that could end up being incorrect as well. I just don’t have the heart to continue to drag Holden to more appointments than he’s already had to go to and make him sit in all kinds of waiting rooms, hungry tired and bored.
If Parker seemed deathly ill, or even slightly uncomfortable- i’d be all for it. Other than the rapid breathing (which does not phase him in the slightest), he seems perfect. And I say seems because I know there could be something more wrong.

Perhaps if my research this evening turns up something other than Bronchiolitis, I will have more of a reason to take him elsewhere. I’m torn on how to feel about the whole thing. Part of my hopes that it is Bronchiolitis and that he’s just blissfully dealing with it all- because he’s just that strong.. the other part of me worries it’s something more that’s being overlooked, and when I find it, I won’t be happy with what I find.

I won’t be happy at all until his breathing is back to normal. And i’ll do whatever it takes to get that.

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