I’m molting!

I knew it was coming, I prepared myself as best I could.. but the postpartum hair loss is always traumatic when you’re actually going through it.

When you’re pregnant, your hair, because of all the added hormones, doesn’t go through as many shedding stages as it normally does when you aren’t knocked up. Once you pop that sucker out and expel all those extra hormones, your hair decides it needs to catch up on shedding phases and you end up losing ridiculous amounts at once.

Just to throw me through a loop- at the beginning of my pregnancy I lost a RIDICULOUS amount of hair. Why? Don’t know, not supposed to happen. Of course I didn’t think this would make me immune to it postpartum, I never get lucky in that respect.

I first noticed that I was shedding right before I went to get my hair done over this past weekend. Not during showers or brushing my hands through my hair during the day- but while taking an actual brush to it. That thing filled up instantaneously. It’s had to be cleaned out twice already.
I’m one of those people who hates feeling random hairs tickling me. Mostly because I can never seem to find them and they end up bothering me for hours on end. I think I inherited the hatred for stray hairs from my mother- she was incredibly paranoid about having any on her at all times because she had to keep herself so sterile for dialysis.

Over the past few days it went from mild, to bad.

Our poor shower already has a slow drain, but with my intense shedding it clogs up faster than the blink of an eye. During my shower tonight I had to clean it out TWICE so that the tub would stop filling up.
Every time I run my fingers through my hair I end up with around 5 clingers. I’m constantly finding hairs all over my clothes.. even all over my kids clothes. Even IN Holden’s hair. Very weird to be messing with his hair only to find one random red one intertwined in the mess that is currently on his head.

If I don’t watch carefully, Parker will end up losing a toe from getting my hair wrapped around them. I now have to check and recheck his feet while he’s in his jumperoo because there is SO much of my hair in the carpet that it’s constantly getting stuck in between and around his toes. Doesn’t help that he is a serious hair puller which adds to the issue of him being covered in mommy hair.

I’m glad that no one who may dislike me comes in my house. They’d have an unlimited supply of my hair to make a Jenny Hair Doll to practice all kinds of creepy voodoo on me.

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