Children are like countries, some even like continents. They all look different, even if just slightly.. all have their own pros, and they all have their cons. Some are sunny and warm all the time, while others have massive amounts of rainfall and thunderstorms..
And they ALL have their own special language. Sure, they may sound like they’re speaking the same jibber-jab.. but each baby, like different parts of a continent with many countries, has their own unique dialect. One has to wonder if they understand each other.. if possibly there could be ONE universal baby language- at least between them.
Definitely not us. It takes time and practice to just understand ONE small child’s jibberish, forget multiple children.

It took a long time, but after a lot of repetition I began to understand even the most random slaughterings of the English language that came out of Holden’s mouth. Things that no one else could even GUESS he was saying.
Of course now, he’s much easier to understand since he speaks words and sentences.. or you’d think.
Even things that sound clear as day to me still garner confused looks from other people and “what did he say?”s, even Thomas.
My dad, bless his heart, is the absolute worst offender in this area (sorry Dad!)

I don’t know if it’s that the older you get, the less you can understand what small children are saying. Maybe it’s the age gap.. or being so far detached from actually having your own small children that you just sort of forget what it’s like.
He loves to have conversations with Holden. To just sit and talk to him- but more often than not, he just can’t seem to understand anything the kid says.
Holden will say something to him, and i’ll hear my Dad repeat it back to him.. only it’s completely different words than what Holden said.

I almost feel bad constantly correcting my Dad, calling out what Holden actually said from the other room.. but Holden is 2, and for some reason I think that telling him he’s saying something different will convince him he’s saying something different and end up confusing him.

Don’t get me wrong- I get it. I understand how understanding a 2 year old can be a hard and confusing task. While I understand Holden better than anyone else can.. when it comes to OTHER two year olds- i’m just as lost as my Dad is with Holden.

My brother’s kid, who is 6 months younger than Holden confuses the ever loving hell out of me. Absolutely NOTHING he says makes any kind of sense to me.. but I look to my brother and he picks up every little thing.

It all comes down to repetition and time spent. The more time you spend with a specific jibber-jabbering youngin’, the more jibber-jab you’ll understand. Which is good, and it’s cool.. but after a while you’ll feel like it’s melting your brain and holding conversations with an ADULT will become the harder task to accomplish if you spend too much time away from one. Sad, but true.

Having your brain melted by a toddler- priceless.

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  • My nephew had a huge speech issue at this age after he had mouth surgery to put in some fake teeth(a few got knocked out some how). I was hardly around him, but MIL was keeping him often and I remember having to look to her to understand what he was needing! Two years later and he is MOSTLY understandable. Sometimes I don’t understand Ally either though and I think she just agrees when I ask if she said something just to move on from it lol!