Germy germs and sick kids

Believe it or not, I can count the number of times Holden has been sick in his entire life on one hand. There goes those rumors about all formula fed kids having a crappy immune system!
I certainly didn’t expect him to be so healthy. My immune system sucks. Really sucks. I used to get sick constantly, and for very long periods of time.. so even though Thomas’ immune system is pretty strong, I figured Holden’s would be somewhere in between and he’d end up sick on a regular basis.

Months went by after he was born, and he’d never even had a runny nose. The only time he’d ever even had a slight fever was during teething. We figured it was just a reprieve from all the nights filled with hours upon hours of screaming due to reflux. Having him on probiotics didn’t exactly hurt either.

I think it was right before Holden turned 1 that he got sick for the very first time.. and it wasn’t any normal kind of sick. Roseola- an incredibly confusing ailment. It starts out as a high fever that just can’t be explained because it isn’t coupled with coughing or a runny nose. Your kid is totally miserable and you are left feeling pretty helpless. Then one day, they break out in what will probably be the worst rash you’ll ever see. Holden was covered. His face, his arms chest and stomach and the worst was his back.
Once that rash starts.. they aren’t sick anymore. So as soon as you’ve finally figured it out- it’s gone.

After that, there’s nothing I can significantly even remember that can be classified as “sick” until we all got the stomach flu when I was only about 2 months pregnant. Holden got it first.. how, I don’t know.. but he did. He threw up for 5 hours and then seemed fine. As soon as his was gone, I got it.. bad. Threw up and crapped myself crazy for 14 hours. Totally miserable. I had Thomas stay home to take care of Holden.. which ended up me taking care of Holden because then Thomas got “sick”.. but his sick is much different from any normal person getting sick. He just had a tummy ache and the poops for most of the day.

Thomas boasts that he “never” gets sick. And for the most part that’s held true.. up until right before Christmas when he very obviously had some kind of head cold. Sore throat, coughing, congestion, the works. He tried to deny it, still tries to deny it.. but then Holden caught it. No runny nose, no coughing, even seemed to feel fine .. just a fever for about half a day.
It seemed that Parker and I had dodged the bullet.. that bitch much have ricocheted and came back to hit us in the ass because now we both seem to be feeling the effects.

It’s hard to tell with Parker because he always seems to run warm- but the past few nights i’ve heard him coughing from his bassinet, and during the day has become increasingly whiny unless i’m holding him. Today he coughed a lot.. so I know something’s up. I’m not coughing, but my throat has been killing me and i’m ridiculously stuffy/runny (don’t you hate that combo? makes no sense.)
I’ve been trying to keep Holden away from him as much as I can- but Holden is obsessed with his little brother. Always wanting to snuggle, always wanting to kiss him and hold him and play with him. I just don’t want this sickness to keep going in circles, repeatedly getting everyone sick over and over again.. but I don’t know how to avoid that.

Having a sick baby is a new experience to me, because it never happened with Holden. Had hoped Parker would be the same and just never come down with anything, but I suppose it was going to happen eventually. Truth be told- it could be a hell of a lot worse. Some coughing and maybe a tiny fever isn’t all that bad.

I think tomorrow Parker will be getting a double shot of probiotics to try and move this crap out of his system for good. One sick baby experience is enough for me to last a lifetime. I’m still holding out hope that Parker inherited Thomas’ immune system like Holden did and that this will be the only time he’s really sick for the next year… but i’m not holding my breath.

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  • Its some kind of cold and it affects people differently. Kyra had it for 2 weeks at the beginning of Dec. real bad. Coughing,couldn’t breathe, sore throat, fever the works!!! Then it went away and I caught it mildly but mine stayed for a month before it was diagnosed as a cold that turned into a sinus infection(real bad one). My Mom got the version that Kyra had and was out of commission for 2 weeks…it really sucks. I hope you all feel better and if the cold meds over the counter don’t work, like they didn’t for me, I’d say its turned into a sinus infection.

  • Nah, I believe I was sick, now. I actually think I called it in on Christmas Eve, but as I said, it was pretty much gone when I said that.

    This little thing going around now is just weird, its like a scratchy throat and some congestion. My throat is still scratchy sometimes, which causes me to cough. But, I feel fine.

    Let’s do hope that this is his only sickness. I don’t want to see rosiola again.

  • My niece just got over the flu. Both she and my SIL had something. SIL was just a bacterial infection, but it lasted a lot longer! Hopefully, it’s something small and won’t linger too long!