The exploding head

It’s been a long time since i’ve gotten a headache bad enough to where all I want to do is crawl under a rock, curl up into the fetal position, and slowly rock back and forth until the pain ceases.

Pretty much all day I felt just fine. The boys didn’t nap as long as they usually do.. but I suppose that’s to be expected. Can never be 100% predictable.

Around 5:30, my energy wore down, I was trying to rock Parker to sleep and he was NOT having any part of it.. and my head began to pound. That throbbing feeling that makes you wish you could detach your head from your body and slam it against a wall repeatedly.

Thomas got home, we went to the store.. all was well other than my pounding head. Got home, gave Parker a bottle.. and the screaming began.
Why? Who knows. He should have been happy. No, he hadn’t napped as much as usual, but he HAD napped, 3 times today. He’d eaten pretty decent compared to how shitty he’s been eating lately.. been in a good mood all day. Minimal coughing. No fever.
But the screaming continued, and continued, and continued. For an hour. Nonstop. Inconsolably. At one point it was grating all of us so badly that we had to just put him in his room so that we could eat in SOME sort of peace. He still screamed the whole time.

I finished up, went to get him.. and he stayed calm for about 6 minutes and then started screaming, AGAIN. Screamed through bath time, through getting lotioned and dressed.. all the way up until 5 minutes into his 3rd breathing treatment of the day- and then he passed out. And it was the kind of passed out where no kind of jostling, shaking, calling his name, tapping him on the stomach and legs was going to wake him up.
You might think i’d be happy- he’s finally quiet!!! But no, not happy. It makes it nearly impossible to get him to go to sleep at night when he passes out during his breathing treatments. Last night, he woke up 3 times crying while Thomas tried to get him into his crib. Very unusual for Parker.. which is why he MUST be kept awake after bath time at ALL COSTS. Breathing treatment makes that a pipe dream. It’s like the stupid stuff has baby nyquil in it. He falls asleep during EVERY breathing treatment, even when it isn’t nap time, even when he JUST woke up from a nap.

Once the breathing treatment was done.. it took me about 3 minutes of jostling him to get him to fully wake up. I feared he’d start screaming bloody murder again but I guess I lucked out and he was relatively happy as long as he was chewing his towel. Teething?? Doctor dumbass would say there’s no way.. even though Holden had TWO teeth at the age Parker is now.

He was relatively happy until bed time.. I have NO idea what the issue was, but my head did not appreciate it. I can not put into words how HAPPY I am that he is asleep in his crib now. Just hoping he doesn’t wake up with another wave of screaming because I really don’t think I can handle it after getting ZERO sleep last night due to Thomas hacking up a lung next to me until 2am which kept me awake.. and in turn woke Holden up, who refused to go back into his bed, and proceeded to punch me in the face for the rest of the night. UGH.
Think I need to go to bed early tonight just to make up for it. I’ve always loved sleep, but it has never been as appealing as it is to me right now.

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