Everyone’s a critic

The main offender lately being Holden.
It used to be that I could watch or listen to anything I wanted and have no complaints from the peanut gallery. Holden would bop his head to the music (any music) or either stare blankly at the TV or ignore it altogether.. without a word.
Those were the days.

Holden isn’t too interested in TV, to be honest. I consider myself lucky when it comes to that. He used to stand an inch away from the screen and stare until I yelled at him to move.. and for a couple of months we had to watch/listen to the OnDemand music channel just so that he would STOP frying his brain on the tv. When we went back to watching TV during the daytime again (mostly just for background noise), he didn’t have much of an interest. He likes looking at the words.. and in the mornings he specifically asks for Spongebob, but other than that- he isn’t all that into it anymore.
I do specifically remember one instance where I turned on “The View” just to watch Adam Lambert and Holden yelled repeatedly “CHANGE IT!!! CHANGE IT!!!”
He must be a Kris Allen fan.

Lately, he has been a total radio hog. And it’s driving me insane because the stuff he “likes” is not ANYTHING I generally like to listen to. I switch through the channels as fast as I can, just giving each one enough of a listen to find something suitable to listen to.. but he yells “WANT THIS SONG!” and if I change it off of that station.. he freaks. TOTALLY freaks. He wants the “Gaga song!” he wants Beyonce.. he wants really terrible pop music. I’m hoping this isn’t an indicator of his future music tastes.. maybe two year olds just want to listen to something they can dance to? The only things I approve of are songs by Muse and Owl City.

He’s also been totally obsessed with watching the “Lightning McQueen movie!’ (Cars) as much as he possibly can. I’ve been shocked that for an hour straight he will sit in front of the computer and just watch.. because he’s never had an attention span for that long to watch ANYTHING, no matter how much he likes it.
Tonight he sat and watched one of his Christmas presents, Disney’s “Brother Bear”.. for a decent amount of time until he decided he wanted me to read a Spongebob book to him.. figures.

It makes me wonder- does he understand what is going on in the movie at all? Can he understand what they’re saying? He understands what I say to him- even complex things.. but TV shows and movies i’m not so sure of. I don’t know if he just likes the action or if he really is listening to the words. He makes commentary about what he’s seeing like “Bob Bob’s crying!”, or laughs when SPONGEbob takes a spill.. but is he hearing the conversation? Who knows. I’d like to think he is, but maybe i’m giving him too much credit.

All i’d really like is for him to stop taking over my damn radio. If I have to hear Jason Derulo (or whatever the hell his name is) sing that “baby are you down down down down down” song ONE MORE TIME my head might explode.. even worse than it did last night! Although it is hilarious to look back at Holden and see him waving around his pointer finger like Beyonce in “single ladies” and grinning maniacally. Kid likes to “put a ring on it”, what can I say?

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