Curses- Foiled for the millionth time!

Parker may still be a lump of wriggly baby goodness.. seemingly innocent, not a care in the world other than to be fed and changed and snuggled on- but if you think of them only in that way, you have a huge surprise coming when you least expect it!

I’ve talked about how I think babies plot against us in other blogs.. and I stand by that statement! They are perceptive. They not only pick up on your moods..but they listen, very very carefully. Why do you think, depending on whether or not the baby likes the bath or not, either get happy or start freaking out before you ever start running the water?

They know what you’re trying to do, and will do everything in their power to make it so it doesn’t happen. And they know they can win, because they are so cute and little and squishy. They know that even if they vomit all over you, you can’t be mad at them once they flash you a gummy smile.

At just three tender, innocent months old- Parker is honing his devious plotting ways already. Sharpening them for use when he’s actually able to move around and really get himself into trouble.

I had begun to think he was never going to sleep through the night. Less than two weeks ago, the latest he’d ever slept was about 4:30am, and most nights he’d wake up even earlier. Sometimes 3, sometimes 1:30. Frustration was definitely mounting. Running on very little sleep and dealing with a 27 month old and an infant at the same time can make even the strongest most patient person snap.

Then one night, out of nowhere and definitely unexpectedly, he slept until 5:30. The next few nights was 6:30. And the best night yet was him sleeping until 7:45 and only waking up because of Holden’s loud ass.
That’s when Thomas and I began to discuss moving him into his own room to finally sleep in his crib. It was the most convenient for us with Holden and with Parker to keep them in a bassinet in our room until they were sleeping through the night for night feeding purposes. Getting all the way out of and walking into another room to get them was just way too much work when you’re groggy and irritated. A much simpler process to either have them right next to your bed, or only have to walk a few steps to get them.

After that it seemed to fluctuate back and forth from 7-7:30… and then it began to get earlier and earlier. 6:45, 6:30, 6:00..
Frustration began to mount again. It’s almost as if he heard us talking about making the switch and said “Oh hell no!” and stopped sleeping as late just so we wouldn’t move him out of our room.
Last night I heard him awake around 2 for an hour, rustling and making noise and sucking his stupid thumb.. probably thinking i’d pick him up but that wasn’t going to happen!

So to get back at us, New Years morning after a night of drinking (albeit not heavily on my part) he woke up at 5:30.
It was not a happy morning in our house, let’s just put it that way. Starting of 2010 with a bang.

I’m ready to have my room back. Ready to sleep with the TV off (we keep it on in order to be able to see him, and so that us rustling around in the middle of the night doesn’t wake him up since there’s white noise to drown it out when the tv is on). It appears Parker does not agree, and he knows the switch is based on him and his sleep habits. Little turd.

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