Craigslist Etiquette pt. 2

Ohhh Craigslist, you make me laugh.. you help me kill time with your ridiculously sad yet hilarious “missed connections” section, you even help to fill my bank account and pay bills on occasion- but sometimes, you make me scream in frustration!

I’ve been out of the Craigslist loop for a while. I had no use for it once we stocked up on all of our needed baby supplies and had nothing left in the house to sell. Since then, I think i’d forgotten what made Craigslist so frustrating and how often it made me lose hope in humanity.

More often than bad experiences, i’ve had good ones. Getting things at 75% off that are practically brand new.. and then re-selling them at the same price when I need the money. But with those good experiences come the bad, and sometimes the horrible.

People who promise to sell you things, but since they live far away you can’t get to them immediately. You would think that would be something that’s understood, especially when they know when you’ve made time to drive to them to pick it up and they use the words “Ok that’s fine! the item is yours.”
Uhhh.. no. A lot of the time, people will sell things right out from under you.. and the day you’re supposed to go and pick them up you’ll get an email saying “sorry, sold it today to someone else!’
GEE, thanks!
And then it’s back to searching for that same damn thing for the same low price and usually you’ll come up empty handed. Happened with buying a dryer, has happened with baby items, household things.. Way more than it ever should.
Really, are you SO desperate for that $10 that you can’t wait an extra 5 hours for me to come pick it up when you said you’d sell it to me? People suck.

I refuse to do that to people. Craigslist to me is first come first serve. You e-mail me first, and tell me you want the item- I will hang onto it assuming you don’t want me to keep it for WEEKS just for you, until you can make arrangements to pick it up. It’s funny how a lot of people are shocked by this act of what I would consider common courtesy.

If I put “OBO” on my listing (or best offer)- please, feel free to make me an offer different from the price I listed. I may not always accept it, but I expect it, and generally if it isn’t a ridiculous amount cheaper than the price I listed the item as, i’ll accept your offer.
If I DON’T put “OBO” on my listing for an item that’s already incredibly underpriced at $40, why the hell are you going to e-mail me and say “I can give you $20 for it”.. did I SAY make me an offer? No. No I didn’t. If I wanted to GIVE the item away, I would have. If I could have afforded to sell it for cheaper, if it were in worse condition, I would have listed it cheaper. It’s $40 flat for a reason.

The WORST, the absolute worst.. is when I get an e-mail like I did today, for a guitar I posted. This guitar, I bought for almost $400 new years back, and it is my least played guitar out of the five I have. Obviously it’s not worth that much now. It’s used- in very good condition but used nonetheless, and not a higher tier guitar. I posted it for $100 WITH a gig bag to go with it. That’s a freakin’ STEAL.
Lo and behold, what came in my inbox today but an e-mail that said(and this is copy and pasted) “I got $75 I can lay down on it. U willing to bring it to _______
Did he live in my general vicinity (which is shown clearly on all of my listings)? No. He lives about 36 miles away, maybe more. So not only does he want me to give him the guitar with the bag for $25 cheaper than what i’d listed it for, but for ME to drive to him.. that’s another $10 in gas and time wasted. So that’s over $35 off the price. Wow. Just wow. The things some people expect! If you want to buy something from someone on craigslist, YOU go and pick it up. That’s how it works! Unless they offer in the listing a delivery service (which usually has a nominal fee attached), you can’t just expect someone to want to bring it to you.. especially when you’re asking for the thing for cheaper than the listing price when the price wasn’t up for haggling, and already around $300 off the item if it were brand new.

Typically this is the type of e-mail i’d just delete.. but it got under my skin today. So what to do? I wrote him back.

“lower the price AND bring it to you? wow!

but no, it was sold this morning.”

Ahhh it feels good to be bitchy while not really being bitchy. Some people just deserve to be called out. You want my guitar, which is already at a steal? You drag your lazy ass and come and get it. NO I won’t BRING IT TO YOU, AND give you a discount, you cheap turd!

Some people just flabbergast me. And it’s the 2nd time that’s happened since i’ve posted things over the past few days. A bouncy chair we’ve NEVER used that sells for $60.00 new, I listed at $30.. and I get an email offering $20. I DID NOT SAY OR BEST OFFER! AUUGGHHH! Just pony up the 10 extra bucks, it’s already 50% off and my kid didn’t even puke all over it like he does everything else.

My faith in Craigslist desperately needs to be restored. I did sell two things today and made $150, both to really nice people who went out of their way to come and pick them up, and didn’t haggle the damn prices with me because they KNEW they were getting amazing deals..
but I listed probably 10 other things from a digital camera to baby clothes and no one’s even responded to those ads. Once those things are sold, I think I can officially be put back on the “I love Craigslist” list.
Until then, I sit here, checking my email, glaring at the screen.

I have good taste in baby clothes, just buy the shit already! Mama has bills to pay.

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