Bless you, Jumperoo!

Much to my enjoyment, Parker’s first night in his crib didn’t go badly at all.
Did it go as GOOD as it could have? No.. but it wasn’t anywhere NEAR as bad as it could have been. I can’t even categorize it as anything near bad. I think most moms would file it under “awesome”.. but I suppose I keep my expectations high as to not seem like a perpetual pessimist.

Like every other night, he fell sound asleep during his last bottle of the night- and went into the crib with no problem.
It may be because I was drinking .. or because I was insanely busy and focused (and ridiculously frustrated) on the stupid photo books i’ve been working on for days now- but I didn’t hear a sing peep out of him all night. Didn’t notice any stirring on the monitor.. nothing.
Perhaps i’m a tad paranoid, but what mom isn’t- first night in the crib and no peep? I checked on him.
Although i’d not heard him make a sound- he had managed to turn himself totally sideways. When he woke up screaming at 6am (not bad! not AWESOME, but not bad), he had done a full 180. Taking after his big brother- sleep wigglers.

My baby is turning into a big boy, quickly!!

Being that he is no longer just a baby blob with glazed over eyes.. he’s wanting to do and try all new things. Is not just satisfied with sitting or lying and doing nothing. He wants entertainment, he wants toys, he wants to watch and do what his big brother does. Gone are the days where I could just plop him on the boppy and go about my business.. he has to have a distraction at all times or he gets bored. REALLY bored- which leads to screaming. Screaming is bad.

SOOO, we brought out Holden’s jumperoo. Parker has decent head control, and can sometimes sit on his own for a few seconds if his in the right mood so I felt that he was ready- especially since he loves to be upright and looking around so freaking much. Holden screamed the first few times we put him in the thing and grew to absolutely love it over time, so I didn’t expect the first try to go well…

Color me shocked when it did. First time and he spent 5 minutes in it very excitedly looking around and playing with the toys.. and then decided he was hungry.
Today, he spent a good two hours in it total. Looking around, playing, watching tv- and especially studying Holden. He LOVES watching Holden. Gets the biggest grin on his face every time Holden gets near (unless Holden accidentally sneaks up on him as he has the tendancy to do). The jumperoo gives him ample time to be upright AND watch his brother- since Holden hasn’t seen the jumperoo in a long time and probably doesn’t remember it so he is totally fascinated with it.. so whenever Parker is in the thing- he won’t leave him alone. Parker doesn’t mind one bit.

Like I used to say with Holden- the jumperoo was the best baby investment we made (they are pricey things).. and the same seems to go with Parker. 30 minutes of Parker awake and happy and NOT being held by me?? SCORE!

Hopefully he won’t be opposite with Holden and love the jumperoo at first and grow to hate it. That would suck, a lot.

For now I am happily encouraged. The problem is finding somewhere to store the stupid thing. It’s so damn big, and doesn’t collapse, and doesn’t really fit through doorways. Our living room is already PACKED with baby and toddler crap- there’s nooooo room for the jumperoo to just sit out while it’s not in use. I need to knock down the damn wall between the living room and the bonus room and have one HUGE great room so all this crap can fit with ease.. but that would require money, and lots of it.

A girl can dream!

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  • That’s good! I know. Has someone not created a compact jumperoo yet? Getting that thing through a doorway is a workout! Hope he keeps like it! That sounds AWESOME! So cute that he likes to watch his big bro!