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Don’t do this, don’t drink that, don’t eat that! There are so many restrictions, guidelines, rumors and myths during pregnancy about what you should and should not be eating and/or drinking that it all tends to become incredibly confusing.
What is myth and what is fact? Can I really not have ANY soda or coffee? What is a soft cheese?

One of the most widespread rumors is to stay away from fish/seafood while you’re pregnant. Don’t touch it! Don’t even think about it! The mercury will hurt you and your baby!
Let’s get things straight- while it’s true that pregnant women should stay away from fish that are HIGH in mercury such as Shark, swordfish, mackerel.. It is actually SMART to eat fish during pregnancy.
It can keep your blood pressure down and blood sugars at a healthy level..even help you gain healthy pregnancy weight.

A scientific study was just released in which the findings show that women who avoid seafood altogether are putting themselves in danger for depression.

I am not a fish fan by any means, but I have a longstanding love for healthy tuna . Of course, the rumors freaked me out during pregnancy enough to not eat it as frequently as I had prior, but I didn’t stay away altogether and now i’m happy I didn’t! Not only was it healthy for me, but for baby in-utero as well.. and it’s incredibly healthy for the growth & development of small children (brain and eye development thanks to those lovely omega 3’s).

My fav to make? Tuna melts! yum!!
Just a can of tuna, maybe 2 or 3 teaspoons of low fat mayo (depending on how much you prefer), a teaspoon of dijon mustard, salt, pepper, diced tomato & onion. Make it into a patty and plop it into a skillet. Cook on both sides and then melt cheese over the top and put it on some toasted bread. DELICIOUS! Holden is still iffy on Tuna but he’s warming up to it.

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