1 down, 3…er… 25 or 30 more to go??

Statistics say that a child will have told at least one lie by the time they turn four years old. That level of sneaky deception at such a young age is a scary thought.. but i’ve been bracing and preparing myself for the day a lie slips out of Holden’s mouth- and knowing the statistics has made me a little suspicious about some of the things he says.

Is he telling the truth? Did he REALLY do what he said he did?

Not to say that Holden lies to get out of trouble, or lies to be manipulative- I don’t think he grasps the concept of lying to get his way. I am definitely not complaining about that.
I mentioned a few days back that I thought he might sometimes just be telling me what I want to hear. Repeating what I say because he knows it will please me and he’ll get positive attention because of it. I get it, I understand why he might do it, but it’s confusing.

Today I was proven wrong. Holden is not a liar.. at least not when it came to him telling me that his mouth hurts.
I had really started to become more convinced that he was waking up and screaming just to get Thomas’ attention, and not because he’s teething.. because he’s only done it when Thomas is home. It would make sense. He’s constantly asking for Thomas and not wanting a hell of a lot to do with me if he can have the choice.

Holden gets HUGE boogers in his nose that absolutely have to be pulled out or he’ll either snot all over himself or they’ll clog his nose- so it’s a daily occurrence that I pick his nose. He is not a fan of this ritual.. and probably 8 times out of 10 will scream bloody murder while I do it.
This evening was one of those 8 times.. which gave me ample opportunity to get a good look into the back of his mouth. Sure enough, in the back top left corner of his mouth there was a brand new molar poking through. He’s teething after all!

Of course, this is the opposite side from the one he’s been pointing to and saying “booboo.”
I can’t assume he’s lying about it though.. that side probably hurts too, which probably means there will be more nights and naps where he wakes up screaming until the next 3 are through. Fun times for everyone!

Not only does Holden still have 3 evil molars left to go, but Parker has ALL of his teeth to work on. Teething seems to be a never ending process in this house. It may go on hiatus for a few months here and there, but it always comes back with a vengeance.. and it would appear that neither of my kids are ‘easy teethers.’

Count your lucky stars, moms of easy teethers- you don’t know how good you have it!

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  • I never knew there was such a thing as an easy teether. Keep all the necessities nearby since it sounds like you’ll be needing them. Maybe that can be your next blog topic-what you need for a teething baby/toddler. The toddler should be easy enough but you can go from tylenol to cold rags/teething rings for babies!