You know it’s too small when…

My current size.. is not pleasing to me, still. While my measurements are slowly getting smaller, and the weight is ever so slowly coming off- my pre-pregnancy pants aren’t really fitting much better. Sure, I can actually zip & button them now, but calling them comfortable would be a big fat lie. They’re the kind of tight that leaves red uncomfortable indents in skin.

I just keep telling myself that MAYBE if I squeeze into these pants now, they’ll act as a girdle and help my hips go back down to size. It works with the tummy area on all that jiggle, so why not the hips? And I definitely would have bought one of those special postpartum tummy sucker-inners, but they run about $45, and who the hell can afford that for some fabric?

Still, it’s easy to tell when things don’t fit when you’re old enough to put your own clothes on. Slide it on. Doesn’t button? Doesn’t fit.

When you’re trying to figure out if your baby can still fit into clothes of a certain size- it’s not so simple.
You can try to tell by holding it up to them- but there’s really no way to know for sure without squeezing that poor thing into it.
First it seems like their head is too big, and you have to pull and yank and stretch it over that noggin- which they are never ever pleased about. Then, and only then can you really tell if that little onesie is the right size.
If it fits like a spandex leotard- you’ll probably want to go up a size. I’m notorious for putting Holden in clothes that are too small time and time again. I guess I liked his clothes way too much. That poor chubby kid looked like he was wearing skin tight muscle shirts most of the time.

Parker is now getting to the point where i’m having to maneuver and squeeze things over his head. He hates when I change his clothes enough already to where i’d like to avoid making the situation worse by having to struggle to get him into something, even if it seems to fit once it’s over his head. He’s nowhere near as… round.. as Holden was, but the child is definitely long and seems to have a pretty bulbous head- so things are not fitting anymore length wise.
I do think that if I attempt to move him into 3-6 month clothing that he’ll once again be swimming in all of his clothes, and I dislike that just as much as I dislike clothes that are too small. Plus i’ll have to accept the fact that he’s already almost 3 months old.

With an infant, you can’t really ever expect anything to fit perfectly because they grow ridiculous amounts very very quickly. One day something will fit, the next day- way too small.
Sad sad times these are!

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  • Yeah, it sucks when that day comes and you find that cute outfit of theirs that you love on them so much and… Doesn’t fit anymore!! I’m actually coming into that right now with Ally, surprisingly. All of her 2T clothes have gotten tight, some 3T are working there!