Time for an upgrade

Something I have desired since having Holden is a camera that will take amazing pictures. The one I have was fine before that, I had no real need for high quality pictures.. I don’t like to take pictures of flowers or landscapes, so mine worked just fine for me (It is a Casio Exilim 6mp).

Now it is a source of constant frustration. The clarity mainly. Unless I have the absolute perfect lighting- the pictures I take come out poorly. Even WITH good lighting, there’s a lot to be desired. The photos are grainy and shadowy and generally disappointing. And then there’s the lag. Holy hell the lag. I am constantly missing special moments because my camera just won’t focus and take a picture fast enough.. or at all. With small children, sometimes you just can’t get those moments to happen again.

After getting completely screwed over by the ‘photographer’ who took my maternity/family pictures (another story for another time, and man it’s a doozy), and another photographer who had offered to take some pictures continually blew me off.. i’m honestly done trying to rely on someone else to take amazing pictures of my kids. I want to do it myself. Whenever I want, wherever I want, however I want.

Unfortunately, I just can’t afford a ‘professional’ grade camera- they are hundreds of dollars out of my price range, but I still want a camera that has the ability to take professional quality pictures without the price tag. I don’t need interchangeable lenses. It would be nice, but really my only need is quality.
I don’t know much about cameras, so finding one that will do I want has been a difficult task. Every camera has someone who has something negative to say about it- so when it comes to reviews I don’t have a clue what to trust. What makes for a good photo? Knowing how to use the attributes one will offer, or the camera itself? The lens or the megapixels?

I have tried to use my camera to the best of its ability Trying all the different functions, changing the sharpness and the resolution- and I have to say that it’s still not good enough. So as much as i’d love to blame it on user error and just have to work a little harder and do a little more research, I just don’t think that’s the case. No matter how much I change and tweak, the pictures are still sadly subpar.

Pictures like this, where I had some decent natural light, good focus and the anti-shake setting on:

Could very obviously be a hell of a lot better with a higher grade camera. Sure, it’s ok, but I want great damnit!

I’ve decided to try out a Fujifilm S1500 10mp camera on a trial 30 day basis to see if there is an instant improvement in the quality and clarity of my pictures (obviously after learning how to take pictures correctly on it). If not, it’s going right back and the search will sadly continue.

I have my fingers crossed, but am trying not to get my hopes up. We’ll see in a few days when it gets handed over to me I guess!

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  • Good luck! The fuji has a pretty good lens so hopefully you get some awesome pics out it. That’s awesome that they;re letting you do a 30 day trial!

  • My sis just bought one of those! It seems easy enough to use, but I didn’t like the bulkiness of it. I’m used to the smaller cameras, but mine annoyed the hell out of me at our Christmas party bc it kept NOT TAKING pics when I know I was pushing the button. Grr, although I guess it takes decent pics more often than not. If we can ever get settled enough, I might look into another one as well.

    Heard my bro talking about cameras tonight while we were visiting and he was told that the optical zoom is the most important if you’re planning to blow the pics up to bigger sizes. I’ve heard that digital zoom can cause unclear photos too. Just relaying what I heard lol. Hope you like the camera!