Test run

Let it be known before anything else is said that I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing!

After much waiting and anticipation- not to mention checking the FedEx tracking website a ridiculous amount of times over the past few days, I finally got my new camera!

Being that I have only ever had a simple point&click camera, I have absolutely no clue what i’m doing right or wrong. I toggled around with a couple of different things- but when it comes to exposure, shutter speed, and other more intense things than my last camera could ever understand- I am clueless.
I tried, and I read parts of the manual (with 2 awake small children I didn’t have much time to do anything other than quickly skim the parts that told me how to work the damn thing. No way did I have time to go into depth, even still, the manual is only bare-bones).

The pictures are BY FAR a higher quality than my last camera, I just know they can be even better if I can ever figure out what the hell i’m doing.
This is where you come in.
ANY advice on what i’m doing wrong, or how to fix certain things (ie: exposure in low light, flash intensity, focusing with no flash, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

Just know that the few examples I will now show you are the “best of the worst”
The obvious problems I am having are over-exposure, flash intensity, focusing in low light.. flash in low light, etc. My house is full of low light unfortunately. so something I NEED to know how to do is to take pictures (good ones) in that setting.

First picture ever, no flash:

With flash:

Beautiful, but obviously over exposed. Damn you flash!

I think this one is pretty darn good

Same with this one

Holy over exposure Batman!

Not sure what exactly went wrong here

Very clear, flash still too intense. if I lower it TOO much though, not intense enough. I’m sure there are custom settings, just haven’t delved that far into it quite yet.

Tried to focus on the back of his head, but with the low light it seemed impossible. With the flash was even worse!

So have at it, more experienced camera users! What can I do to be BETTER? I know I need to read more about my camera and its attributes, but I feel like you all could get me on the right track.

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