Taking control of your uterus

The time has come where I need to decide what I am going to do to control my fertile uterus.

I’ve been anti-birth control in the past, not because I don’t believe in it- but because i’ve had adverse reactions in the past to every kind i’ve tried, and it started to become more of an annoyance than beneficial.

I know I want to be on birth control. That’s not even a question. IF (and that’s a big if) i’m going to get pregnant again, I want it to be on MY terms. My family can’t handle any more surprises! Nor can we afford it.

The problem is finding a kind that words for me, and that I CAN take without adversely effecting my health.
I can’t say for sure if I have the hereditary kidney issues that have plagued my family, as I have not been tested- BUT- I don’t want to take any chances. This means I can’t take anything that would increase potassium levels.. which means I can’t take a LOT of the pills that are available.
Mirena? NO! I was almost dead set on getting it after having Holden, and then one of the girls on the board I frequent posted about her terrible experience with it. It perforated her abdomen and went for a joyride and she had to have exploratory surgery to get it removed. After that Mirena was an absolute no-go. And now with all the class action lawsuits against it, it’s even less of an option.
IUDs in general scare me. I just pushed a baby out of my hooha, I don’t want to shove a foreign object up there.
I’ve been considering the Depo shot but I need to read more about it because while I know some girls who are on it, i’ve also heard bad things about it (like every birth control option, there’s always someone who has had a bad experience). I’ve heard that if you’re on it for a long time, and decide you want to get pregnant again- it’s VERY hard to get pregnant after coming off of it, and i’m not certain that I never want another child.

People have suggested charting as an option- finding out when you ovulate and avoiding having sex at that time of the month.. that will NOT work for me. I have never had a regular cycle. Every month is different, and even worse after I had Holden. Hell, I charted to conceive him- and didn’t ovulate until day 26 when on average most women ovulate somewhere around day 26.. and somehow managed to get pregnant with Parker when we didn’t have sex ANYWHERE near that day (Thomas says the only time we did was near my period, so that’s a 20 day difference). Unless your body is like clockwork every month, charting is just not accurate enough. You can never tell if your body is going to do the same exact thing every month. Stress can change your ovulation, among a ton of other things.. I’m not willing to take that kind of risk.

Condoms? Sure, they work.. but they feel like sandpaper. Why have sex if it hurts every time?

So i’m torn. Just not sure what to do. It was supposed to be discussed at my 6 week postpartum checkup, but my doctor had to run to the hospital for a delivery and I was stuck with the bitch nurse that gave me a hard time and only wanted to talk about my infected tit.. so it didn’t happen- so I had to make ANOTHER appointment to go in on December 21st to try and discuss this subject again. You’d think your OBGYN would be the most knowledgable, but i’d like to at least have an idea of what I want and don’t want before I go in there.
I don’t want to get stuck on something that makes me gain 50 pounds either. I refuse to let all the work i’m doing to LOSE weight be undone by birth control. Though I WOULD like one that gives me some boobs because mine are now sad looking again… but there’s no guarantee that any will do that. Everyone has different reactions to each different form of birth control.. and that scares me.

Any suggestions? Or know of any website I can go to to get an overview of each type and find one that would be good for me?

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  • I took a quiz lol… https://www.plannedparenthood.org/all-access/my-method-26542.htm

    It suggested the patch, the shot, iud, or fertility awareness. I’m fine with the Mirena. I haven’t had any issues. My doctor inserted it and I went back in a couple weeks later to check the placement and obviously everything was fine. I’m happy with my choice. No clue what I’ll do next time! It’ll be hard to go any other way… Have you thought about the NuvaRing? My sister liked it, but I just wasn’t up for that!!

  • I am as torn as you are about the subject and I havnt even given bith yet! lol. I was on depo before I got married and got off of it shortly after and it caused my infertility for 4 years. All the while we were trying to get pregnant and couldnt figure it out….I did real soon after I went to a new dr. and she told me the problem. I don’t know about the pills b/c I cant take them either. Sry that I am of no help to you at this time but I’ll keep a lookout for ya.

  • I don’t think i’d be comfortable sticking my finger that far up my hooha to place a nuvaring every month.. or having to remove it to have sex. While you don’t HAVE to, some people just find it more comfortable to remove it before doing the dirty.. I just don’t wanna dig around in there that often! so glad I use tampons with applicators!
    Plus, you can’t be a smoker on nuvaring. and while I don’t smoke much at ALL.. I don’t want to risk blood clots or anything crazy like that

  • I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke if you’re on the DEPO shot either. However, my crazy ass SIL who smokes like a chimney was on that for years and as far as I know didnt have any issues.

  • they don’t do the arm implant anymore! too many issues? don’t know the reasoning behind it.
    that thing was horrifying anyways. Someone told me you could SEE it under the skin. ew!