Sleep comes with a price

Be careful what you wish for.. because you never know what consequences come with it once your wish comes true!

When you haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in almost a year- it seems like the most appealing thing in the world. You’d give ANYTHING to have even 6 hours of continuous rest. To get to finish those bizarre dreams.. or to wake up and have it be at least semi-light outside instead of the middle of the night.

That’s the position I was at about a week ago. Thomas bitched about the lack of sleep a hell of a lot more than me though, even though I hadn’t slept through the night since he’d knocked me up with Parker (men!).. things were tense to say the least. Parker still hadn’t ever slept through the night. The latest he’d ever slept was 4am, and as soon as that became acceptable he went right back to 1:30 wake ups.
We were going out of our minds. Thomas and I were at eachothers’ throats at the middle of the night feedings.

While I was exhausted, I was happy that with the increased dosage of Prilosec, Parker had become the happy baby I knew he could be. All day, hardly any crying. Could sit alone in his chair and play with his toys, or his playmat, or even just sit in his swing and stare around the living room. So things weren’t all bad.

Still, I longed for sleep. During the 1pm nap that both Holden & Parker generally take, it seemed impossible to keep my eyes open because i’d been awake so much during the night listening to Parker scream and Thomas bitch.

Well, for the past few days- we got our wish. Parker didn’t wake up until 7am on Christmas Eve morning, 6am on Christmas, and 7:45am this morning- and that was only because Holden woke up and came charging into our room.

I’d love to say that I feel refreshed.. but as i’ve mentioned in the previous few blogs- Parker has been screaming basically all day EVERY day since he started sleeping through the night. Can’t put him down, lie him down, put him on his playmat or bouncy chair or boppy.. nothin’. He will scream and scream and scream some more. Totally different child.

It’s as if there’s some evil baby compromise that had to be made in order to get a full night’s rest.
“Oh sure, i’ll sleep through the night.. but i’ll scream all day instead!”
Only, I didn’t get to choose which was the better option- cause you’d better friggin’ believe that i’d choose one 4am whiny wakeup in place of an ENTIRE day of screaming bloody murder inconsolable mutant pod baby.

A part of me thinks it’s still the thrush bothering Parker.. well, not so much the thrush, but the thrush medication. Diflucan is an incredibly strong medication, the doctor didn’t really want to prescribe it but did because we’d gone through so much already. As soon as he was on the diflucan, the thrush pretty much went away and he started sleeping more at the night time- BUT- his temperament completely changed. Side effects maybe?? I could be making an incorrect correlation.. but the timing seems right.
Now i’m just hoping that once he’s off the diflucan, he will go back to normal during the daytime.. and since the thrush is gone- continue sleeping through the night, but I have no idea if that’s really the problem or if that will happen. I do know that if he continues his insane screaming all day I will totally freak out.

If I remember correctly, of course Holden was the same way. He slept through the night much earlier than Parker- but was positively miserable all damn day. I can’t remember when that stopped or if it stopped once the thrush was gone because he had it for SO long and seemed miserable for SO long.. his baby days are a big scream-filled fuzz spot in my brain.

GIVE ME MY HAPPY BABY BACK! I did not agree to this deal with the devil!

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