Raising a Father

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Raising a Father is a book written by Arjun Sen that I would recommend to any father to read.. or even any parent.

The book details the journey of a father, who at the age of 37, after years on the corporate world making a successful career for himself- realized he did not know his daughter at all.
He had the startling realization that if he did not make a huge change in his life, right then, his relationship with his daughter in the future would be reduced to practically nothing. A phonecall here or there, visiting on the holidays.. but never really being close or having the tight bond he wanted so badly but had neglected to nurture and create so far.

At that moment, he quits his high-paced job and starts an at-home business in order to be closer to his 10 year old daughter. She then teaches him with her love and caring personality how to be a better father and have a more fulfilling life.

If you have someone who is incredibly hard to shop for this Christmas, the “person who has everything”- this book would make the perfect gift.

Watch the trailer for the book- maybe it’s even something you would like to read!

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