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Since Parker has actually decided to sleep on his boppy instead of me being his human boppy (despite the fact that he’s not feeling well, surprising!) I thought now to be the perfect time to share some pictures.
Yes, there will still be a normal blog tonight.. assuming I don’t go completely insane once things take a turn for the nasty later today as they have the tendency to do, and get locked in a padded room with no internet access..
I doubt that will happen, so count on another post happening around 10pmEST.

How babies fall asleep in these strange positions i’ll never know- and if you can’t tell, he wiggled to where the playgym bar is stuck between his little legs

Holden sniffing a rock. Yes, sniffing a rock. No, I don’t know why.

It is safe to assume that ALL boys love to play with sticks. Yes, I intended for that to be an inappropriate innuendo.

Holden’s hair is beginning to look like Ellen Degeneres. Two year old boys should not look like adult women with mock-men’s hair styles!

Parker may only be in the 50th percentile (which is average).. I still say he’s chubby. The double chin don’t lie

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  • Well, Marcus was always below the 10th % and still had a double chin so….

    And yes, marcus plays with sticks, BOTH kinds