Preggo brain strikes again

There are many things you become relieved of once you give birth. The obvious would be the immense weight in your tummy that is instantly gone once you pop your kid out and all the pain that goes along with it and finally having a baby in your arms and no longer worrying about when and how you’re going to go into labor and the fear of how much giving birth will hurt… and you automatically assume your brain will go back to normal as well. No more absentmindedness, no more forgetfulness, no more “duhhhhh” moments. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

After Holden, I think my brain went back to normal pretty quickly. I no longer had “blond moments”,or forgot the most simple of things. This time I have not been so lucky.. but unfortunately thought I was.
While i’ve been able to finish a sentence without forgetting what I was saying, in other areas it has not been so easy.

More than once i’ve walked out of the house without the baby bag, or forgotten where my keys are. I’ve been lucky that it has never gotten as far as to forget to strap my kid in, or even worse- forgotten a kid in the car or in the house during errands. Then again, I don’t really go out on my own that often so usually I have Thomas to remind me of things I would forget on my own and to pick up the slack.

Today, preggo brain reared its’ ugly head once again.

A friend of mine is throwing sort of a holiday party, where you bake cookies and swap them with other ladies so that you can give an assortment away as gifts instead of having to buy crap for everyone on your list. A great idea.
I spent over an hour last night baking up my cookies for the party today.

Got everything into a big ass tupperware container, and tried to make myself look as presentable as could be even though i’d gotten no sleep last night due to Parker not sleeping AT ALL because of the issues thrush is causing him and left the kids with Thomas and went on my way.

As I pulled up to her house, I noticed that there weren’t many cars around, and I knew plenty of ladies had RSVPed because of the immense amount of cookies I had to bake. My first thought was that I was either early or late.
Already feeling pretty stupid, I rang her bell. I didn’t hear any movement from inside, no voices, nothing.. and that’s when i got a sinking feeling in my stomach.
I have the wrong day, don’t I? SHIT!
Another minutes goes by and I see her peek out of the curtain of the window next to her door and then opened it with a funny look on her face.
“Today’s not the party, is it?” I ask.
She looks puzzled, “Oh no.. the party is TOMORROW!”

Talk about feeling like a total idiot. I had the time right.. but the day all wrong. I honestly do NOT know how I mixed it up, because I looked at the invitation multiple times, had talked to her about cookie recipes and amounts.. gone over everything numerous times.. but somehow I still managed to get it totally wrong.
She apologized, even though it was ALL my fault and not hers (I even wrote it on my calendar as the wrong day) and invited me in so that my trip wouldn’t be a total waste- and we laughed about how my brain has still, 2 months out, not fully regenerated.

I would say I felt bad about leaving the kids with Thomas when they didn’t need to be, especially with how MISERABLE Parker is.. but they slept the WHOLE TIME I was gone (and I was gone almost 2 hours).. so I don’t feel a bit guilty! Stupid? Yes.

Maybe post-preggo brain is a blessing in disguise, because after the week I had I most definitely needed the break.. and will benefit from another break tomorrow when I go to the ACTUAL party.. assuming I don’t somehow screw up the time and show up with no one there once again.

Take it from me- your brain might not instantly get back to full power immediately after spawning. I wish I could tell you it did- but I am proof positive that the dumbness continues.

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  • my brain will forever be gone. g;ad you got a two hour break. how awesome is that?!

  • LOL That really sucks, but at least you got some time away. That’s all that counts. Your mind must have known and you subconsciously coerced yourself into swapping around the days. Yep. 😛 Hope you get some good cookies!