Post Christmas picture wrap-up

The consensus is that I definitely should have bought my new camera to receive it at LEAST a week before Christmas instead of Christmas Eve Eve (yes, I intended for there to be 2), because about 75% of my pictures if not more are pretty much crap because I know basically nothing about taking good photos with this camera.
Frustrating! And disappointing. I’m almost positive it’s me and not the camera, but only time & practice will tell with that.

On to my photo wrap up.
Holden woke up at about 6:30 this morning (which is early even for him) and immediately wanted to “go see presents!”
It was nearly impossible to get him to stay in bed with us until our brains were fully functioning. We didn’t finish the gift baskets and cookie baking until VERY late.

Speaking of gift baskets:

I hope they are being enjoyed!

I can see why Holden was excited to get to the presents, Santa really worked his magic this year:

Holden is a strange kid though, he won’t just tear open every present with no break in between. Each one must be inspected and played with first. Half the time was spent informing him that he had more presents that needed to be opened.. and basically forcing him to stop playing with the previous so that we could get through the process in under 2 hours.

He was very pleased with his loot

Yes, that’s candy cane smeared on Holden’s face, and yes- Thomas has some intense bedhead going on.

Parker was pretty amped too.. well, when he wasn’t screaming from that evil bug that is lodged in his ass (no, not literally. Read yesterday’s post!)

After gift opening, we let Holden play while I made my specialty flapjacks (chocolate chip for Holden, just ’cause it’s Christmas), which he proceeded to smear all over his face and hands.

Then we played for a bit and then made our way to my Dad’s.

There are so many kids at every holiday function at my Dad’s that it’s pretty chaotic trying to deal with both Parker and Holden’s needs. Trying to make sure Holden doesn’t break something, or someone, or himself… trying to make sure Parker doesn’t scream his head off the whole time because he insists on having constant attention.

He screamed so damn much that I gave up trying to eat alone and decided to just hold his whiny ass while I ate. The screaming continued for most of the meal, and then eventually quieted. When it did- I felt a cold sensation on my arm.. only to look down and see that he was passed out COLD, head hanging over, arms limp- dead to the world. The cold sensation? Drool. And lots of it. Perhaps that wild bug in his ass is due to teething- because I can feel a lump under his bottom gums that’s pretty prominent. JOY!

It didn’t last long, once I got up he was awake and starving, but it was hilarious while it lasted because he never does things like that. He’s a sleep-fighter.

Since Holden skipped his nap entirely, the tantrums became increasingly intense and irritating. Wanting things that weren’t his, not wanting to share, not listening. That kid NEEDS to nap during the day, no two ways about it.

We ended the day on a good note with Holden checking out his Grandparent’s Christmas display. It is pretty cool, must admit- I wouldn’t have the patience to set it all up every year though!

Wouldn’t you know it, Holden passed out on the way home. I woke his ass RIGHT up. Last thing I want after SUCH a long week is to have him refusing to go to bed because he just napped! He was not happy. Gave me the big pouty lip until I told him he could have dinner when we got home (our Christmas Dinner is at lunch time). Fatty.

And that, my friends, is Christmas in a nutshell.

Not pictured is Parker vomiting every time my niece Storie got anywhere near him- and her lightning fast reflexes because she only ever got a tiny drop on her while I got SOAKED. Holden eating dog food, insisting on coming into the bathroom with me and then attempting to open the door while I was relieving myself (a constant occurance, just not always with a crowd of people outside).. and most of Parker’s gifts- since my rechargable batteries were NOT so recharged and died just as we got to his stocking.

Hope you all had a good one!

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  • Those pics don’t look too bad quality wise to me! I’m no pro, though lol. Thomas’ bedhead is kinda funny!! 😛

    Love Holden’s cheese face! I never get over how he just cheeses for the camera!! We really have to catch Ally’s smiles now! She’s not a big fan of the camera anymore! I love how amazed he is by the Christmas display. That’s a neat thing to do for the holidays, but like you said-too much to do. That’s why I prefer a pre-lit Christmas tree-one less thing to put on it, but MIL insisted the no light one was the best out of the bunch and offered to pay half of it so why not?! It was $40 at half off and they only had a few left. She said she had plenty of strings of lights too!

    Oh, and that pic of you and Parker is precious. You look great! Parker looks great lol. 🙂