Let the baking begin!

Soooo much to do in so little time. I’ve really gotten myself in over my head this time!

I’d decided a long time ago that everyone would be getting baked goods for Christmas from instead of store bought gifts. Cheap, but a hell of a lot of effort.
I thought I would do mini-loaves of banana breads.. but after searching high and low for mini-loaf pans with absolutely NO luck whatsoever, it was back to the drawing board.
The idea of muffins popped into my head- and always the ambitious one, I set my mind on doing a variety of muffins for each person (all put into a nice basket and wrapped up). Regular banana muffins with a streusel topping, peanut butter chocolate chip banana muffins, and to be a little festive- banana cranberry muffins.

The question remains, how many of each to give each person? I thought of doing 4 of each per basket to make an even dozen- but with 5 people/families to bake for, that would be SIXTY muffins. Can I really take on the task of making 60 muffins???

Alone, perhaps, but this is on top of the request from my Dad to bring batches of two of my home made cookies for Christmas at his place. One of the doughs is already prepared and in the fridge, so that leaves just one more batch to make- and then of course all of the baking that goes into it. Our oven will only fit one tray at a time.
PLUS all the wrapping of presents that still has to get done.

In order to get all of this done, it requires a hell of a lot of time management on my part. Something I don’t think i’ve ever been quite good at.
Tonight i’ve decided to prepare the 2nd batch of cookie dough and MAYBE make a batch or two of one type of muffins. I don’t even have enough bananas for what I want to do! Lucky for me, bananas are by far THE cheapest fruit ever, and you can over ripen them by just sticking them in the oven so i’m not totally screwed there.

Tomorrow will be more muffin preparing & baking, and i’m sure the same will go for Christmas Eve on top of baking ALL the cookies.
All of this only after the kids go to bed. I just don’t have the time or energy while they’re awake.

I guess this beats a night like last night where nothing got done and I accidentally passed out early and woke up at midnight with indents all over my face from the fabric on the couch. Felt like a withered old lady.

What have I gotten myself into???

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