I forgot how much this week is going to SUCK!

As much as I bitch and moan about never being able to get out of the house… when it comes to having to take my kids with me, by myself- i’d rather just stay home!
There is so much less stress, drama, and anxiety in my life when I don’t have to try and drag both kids to some stupid appointment and worry about all the things that could possibly go wrong.
Good ol’ worry wart me- but it really is a mega pain in the ass.

If you have one kid, you know how much junk you have to lug around along with them to keep them happy and clean. Now think about doubling that, adding a carseat.. and doing it all alone.

Just when i’d gotten RID of the diaper bag- we no longer need it for Holden, along comes Parker. Now I have a 2 year old who is very defiant when it comes to holding my hand while crossing streets (he wants Daddy).. but it’s not like I have a stable free hand for him to grab onto anyways, because i’m a weakling and carrying a carseat full of Parker with one hand makes me feel like i’m going to collapse.

Lucky me, I have TWO appointments this week. Parker’s 2 month check up is tomorrow.. and I couldn’t find anyone to watch Holden, so unfortunately I have to drag him along with me. It was not fun last time, and that was when Parker spent most of his days sleeping semi-peacefully. Now he spends most of his days awake, and he positively LOATHES his carseat. Did I mention he has to get shots? I am seriously in for it. I will literally CUT someone if I spend an hour and a half in the freaking waiting room like I did last time. That shit won’t fly.

Thursday? Boob check-up. Except my OB office is not allowing children whatsoeever thanks to the fabulous H1N1.. and expect me to find a sitter for BOTH children on a weekday. I had to cancel the appointment last week because I couldn’t find one.. looks like i’m leaning towards cancelling this one as well. There just isn’t anyone free. My boob feels fine, but I would honestly like confirmation on that.. the last thing I want is to wake up one morning and have it looking like Frankenboob again and feeling like it’s going to fall off. Would like to avoid that if at all possible.. but I can’t do that without going to the doctor, and I can’t go to the doctor without finding a sitter for my kids. A vicious circle of frustration.

I’d really like to have ZERO appointments, and sit at home with my kids. Sure, they might scream and cry and annoy the living hell out of me.. but at least they won’t be doing it in PUBLIC- where not only does it frustrate me, but embarrass me as well.

The only upside is that I get to find out just how much my baby has grown, and get his reflux meds adjusted to what he NEEDS so that he can finally, FINALLY be the happy baby he should be.

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