Here’s lookin’ at you, December 26th!

After all the stressing and shopping and wrapping and prepping and baking, and waiting in traffic because people insist on waiting until the absolute LAST second to do their gift shopping.. i’m so beyond ready for Christmas to be OVER.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure tomorrow morning- the look on Holden’s face when he sees all the things “Santa” brought him, and seeing how excited he is opening them will kick the Bah-Humbug right out of me.. but for now, after a day like today- just call me Scrooge.

I don’t know what bug crawled up Holden’s ass but he was a MONSTER for the few hours up until nap time- and nap time was the worst. I think he had quite possibly his worst melt down ever. EVER. Totally berserk. I think it took Thomas AND I 40 minutes to get him to calm down enough to sleep. Didn’t help that I tried to get myself out of his room by saying I was going to go and tell Santa what he wants for Christmas since he wouldn’t do it when he met him.. and then Holden started freaking out because HE wanted to talk to Santa. Grr.

After nap time, I suppose it was Parker’s turn to hate the Ho-Ho-Ho. Went from happy smiley baby to mutant pod Christmas hating turd. He screamed pretty much nonstop from the time he woke up from his nap to.. well.. now.
The bug must have cralwed OUT of Holden’s ass and into Parker’s. I’ve never seen that kid SO absolutely miserable.

A good idea would have been to just throw in the towel and order Chinese food or something- but i’d already had it in my head that Christmas Eve dinner was meant to be special. No hamburger helper or shake & bake chicken or any of the other usual crap we make. I wanted steak and homemade mashed potatoes and corn.
This of course meant peeling and cooking and mashing the potatoes and cooking the steaks all while Parker was screaming his little head off.
It pretty much made the meal incredibly unenjoyable. All that effort only to hear ear piercing shrieks the whole time and me having to cut Thomas’ steak for him so he could eat and TRY to calm Parker at the same time.

To say that I was happy to get them both to bed would be the understatement of the century.

Even now, i’m still not done. I still have to get all the billions of freaking muffins into gift baskets, AND bake ALL of the cookies.

Christmas is going to kill me.

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