Good, Better, and then Worse

Have I mentioned before how much I hate thrush? How my kids manage to get yeast infections in their mouths that just won’t quit.. disturbs me on another level.
Holden had it for what felt like months (same as Parker, right before Thanksgiving and on through to Christmas). Three medications later (two rounds of one of them) and it was finally kicked.. but not before it spread through his whole body and out of his ass- giving him a red bleeding diaper rash.

Trying to avoid that crap happening since birth- I started Parker on probiotics as soon as he came home from the hospital. They aren’t just good for regulating the bowels, but for eczema and even reflux, and keeping yeast at bay.
Now, I have no ACTUAL idea how long Parker has had thrush. I get the feeling it’s been for longer than from when we actually noticed it.. but when we noticed it was when the power went out and he hadn’t had probiotics for about 2 days. Maybe that’s when he got it, maybe that’s when it got bad enough to be able to tell it apart from “milk mouth”- who knows, but he got it despite all my efforts to prevent it from happening.
Mostly I blame reflux meds- since when Holden was going through this crap I read all about how antacids can cause yeast build up. What can you do though? I can’t NOT medicate the kid for reflux and have him burning up his insides and screaming and making me crazy. Thrush might make for an unhappy child, but not as unhappy as a reflux child. Double edged sword.

Really, i’d prefer not to have EITHER right now. We’re doing everything we can to kick this stupid ass thrush. I think Parker has had it for about 3 weeks now. Tried gentian violet, no go- just like with Holden. We’re now close to being done with his 10 day prescription of Nystatin- and wouldn’t you know it- it’s worse than ever.
It had gotten better the past few days but better isn’t gone- and it should be gone by now and these last few days on medication should just be for precaution. Each day as it got a tad better he got happier. Yesterday he didn’t cry at all. Happy and content the entire day.
As I was giving him his 2nd dose of Nystatin for the day (he gets 3 treatments per day), I noticed it had spread all over the insides of his lips and the roof of his mouth too. You know it’s bad when it’s on the roof of their mouth. After that his day went downhill. Toward the end of the night he was almost inconsolable. Screaming bloody murder.

So now I don’t blame his unhappiness on reflux, I can tell that is nearly under control- it’s all thrush. And thrush can kiss my white ass. This is just ridiculous. I don’t know why we keep having to try medications that we know don’t work from previous experience. First with the Axid for reflux (which is exactly like Zantac, which didn’t work at ALL for Holden), to now crappy ass thrush medicine that didn’t work after TWO prescriptions for Holden.
Shouldn’t it just be assumed now that Parker is practically a clone of Holden and to just give him what worked for Holden instead of making us go through a ration of bullshit? I don’t care if it’s procedure to try one thing first, it’s dumb and pointless and i’m tired of having to go through the same thing all over again when if I had it my way- Parker would have been on prilosec from the beginning, and whatever strong ass thrush medication that finally kicked this shit from Holden’s system.

Perhaps it’s all a conspiracy to drive me absolutely insane.. and it’s working. I’m there, people!

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