For the child that has everything

As I was wrapping up Holden’s Christmas gifts last night, there were a few things I realized.

Holden is going to be absolutely, ridiculously, absurdly spoiled this year. And not even because of us. We only bought him a few things for his stocking, and two ‘big’ toys. The spoiling comes from other family members, and people giving us TONS of things that their kids have grown out of.
He’s getting the Fisher Price Bounce & Spin learning pony (the one that hooks up to the tv), clothes, vehicles, books, two HUGE tubs of legos, and practically the ENTIRE Little People world. It’s insane. I don’t even know what he’s going to do with all of it. Or where we’re going to put it all for that matter.
While he hasn’t been looking, Thomas and I have been trying to put the things he doesn’t play with anymore into storage for when Parker is old enough to play with it.. just to try to make room for the slew of new things he’s getting, but still it doesn’t seem like there will be enough room for it all.

And then I started to think about when Parker gets older. With ALL of the things Holden has, and all of the things we still have from his infancy.. Parker honestly doesn’t need anything else. He is set for life. And the closeness of their age means that all the toys will still be pretty new and relevant.
What do you get for the child that has everything?
Not that I want him to only be getting hand me downs while Holden is constantly getting new things because he’s older and therefore doesn’t have an older sibling to inherit things from… he deserves new things too.. but Holden literally has everything. Meaning that soon, Parker will have everything.
My brother suggested just giving Holden’s toys away and getting Parker new ones when the time comes.. but with our current financial situation that just doesn’t seem like an attractive or feasible option. Why give things away that are in really good condition that Parker would love to have, only to have to go out and basically buy almost the same exact things over again?

Second child syndrome in full effect. What a predicament to be in!
In a way i’m happy that we have so much stuff to give to Parker, lessening the financial burden on ourselves- but at the same time I never want to reinforce any feelings of not being as deserving as Holden of new things. Little kids don’t understand money problems, or the fact that the toys are perfectly good. They just see their older sibling getting new things, while they’re getting hand me downs.
There’s still a few years left until he will actually become cognitive of that fact but I still can’t help but to think about it now.
And I can’t help but to think about next Christmas and how buying Parker a lot of new things would seem redundant and further to make our house swell with toys.

I already feel like the house is about to explode. I don’t think it can take much more.. and I don’t think I can handle many more things scattered about the floor for me to slip and almost break my neck because of.

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