The end of the holiday food

Ahhh the end of the holiday season is upon us, and I could not be happier!

My house is a complete wreck, but Holden stays occupied for pretty much the entirety of the day instead of getting bored and starting a whine-fest so things are looking up in that respect.

No more shopping, no more traffic, can’t say no more stress because there will ALWAYS be stress- but at least now there will be less of it.. and the best part of all? No more holiday food!

Don’t get me wrong, I love holiday food. Probably just a little bit too much. That is where the problem begins.
For some horrible awful reason, my stomach has convinced me that during holidays- there should be no dieting. It just seems blasphemous. All these wonderful disgusting fattening foods around and not being able to partake in them in ginormous proportions? Bite your tongue!

While I am partaking in the holiday goodness, though, there is always a voice in the back of my head screaming as loud as it possibly can “NOOO! IT WILL GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR HIPS! WHAT ABOUT ALL THE WORK YOU’VE DONE???”
Making the indulging quite unsatisfactory. What the hell is the point in indulging if you can’t wholly enjoy it?

On Christmas morning I got the incredibly amazing gift of fitting into a pair of my size 4 pre-Parker’s pregnancy jeans.. something i’ve been wishing to be able to do since before I popped that kid out. Were they tight? Of course, but not uncomfortably so- so I consider that a win for me.
After this weekend… not so sure they’re going to be fitting so well anymore if at all, which is sad. Damn you Christmas food!

Luckily, now that Christmas is officially over and there are no more holidays for months (New Years doesn’t count, we don’t do a damn thing for New Years)- I have time to workon my fluffy physique without the threat of scrumptious fixin’s messing up my progress.

Now back to buckling down and scarfing down Special K (aka tree bark) again. How joyous!

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