Do I stay or do I go now?

Finding the right pediatrician is very important, I can not stress that enough. They are all different, with different ideas on the right way to care for and raise your child- so finding one who is compatible with your ideas, and understanding of your concerns is key.. because otherwise, going to the pediatrician will be a miserable experience and will have you second guessing all of your instincts which is never a good thing to be doing.

Our first pediatrician.. was not the right match for us, and that’s putting it lightly. She would tell me I needed to let Holden scream and cry for at least 30 minutes before picking him up.. even though he had reflux and was only a few weeks old and wasn’t crying for no reason at all. She switched his medications and formula at the same time, and this was before I knew better than to do that since I was a first time parent with no experience in reflux.. which ended up sending Holden to the emergency room because he was inconsolable for hours and hours after doing that. She told me NEVER to let him fall asleep on me- seriously, who doesn’t let their child nap on them, at least from time to time?
All of these things made me so uncomfortable, and so upset. She made me feel like a moron and a horrible parent.. and after maybe 2 months with her I had had enough. I would go home from appointments and just cry, and that was not healthy.

After a recommendation from a fellow reflux mommy,we switched to our current pediatrician. We really like her. She is understanding and comforting. She had two kids with reflux of her own and understands that just letting them cry is just not an option. She entertains all of my ideas, and doesn’t make me feel bad for wanting to try something different or even if I choose to delay vaccinations.

There is a problem though. The practice our pediatrician works at has ALWAYS been incredibly busy, but something happened between when Holden was an infant and now when we’re taking Parker to all of his well-baby checkups where it has gotten unbearably busy.
If I have an appointment, I generally expect to be sitting in the waiting room for an hour, and then even more time in the exam room waiting for the doctor to finally get to us. I just don’t have that kind of time to sit around.
Since Parker has reflux and thrush that just won’t quit, we’ve been calling them a lot to either get a higher dosage of something, or a refill on something else… and the process takes FOREVER.
Personally, I think these things should be easy to get done.. but to just get a damn refill takes two freaking days on average.
You have to call, leave a message with the receptionist to give to the nurse who has to call you back and ask you what the problem is.. who then has to go and ask the doctor, and then call you back again. Our doctor is so busy I don’t think they even ask her. They just call us back and say we need to bring Parker in.. even though he’d just been seen for the same issue two days prior- and all we’re asking for is more medication for the same damn thing. No way in hell am I paying another $20 copay to bring him back in for the SAME thing just a few days later. Totally absurd.

They have previously given his chart to the wrong doctor and then LOST it and never returned our calls.. or we’ve had to call multiple times when no one’s bothered to call us back for an entire day- meanwhile, my kid is screaming in pain over something that could easily be solved by a call to the damn pharmacy.
The office is just TOO BUSY, and because of this I feel like we’re getting the shaft.. and I don’t like it at all. It should not be this hard to get the help my kid needs, or to get answers, or a refill on a prescription.

Today was pretty much my breaking point. After calling yesterday because we ran out of the nystatin for Parker’s thrush and just like I expected.. it didn’t get rid of the thrush- it’s actually worse than ever- we still hadn’t gotten any kind of answer on what to do.
Being that I have way too much experience with thrush, and know that nystatin is bullshit and that we need something stronger because Parker has had pain while eating because his mouth hurts so much- when I was told that we’re going to have to not only go BACK on nystatin, but throw away all of his nipples and we’re “not allowed” to give him a pacifier for THREE WEEKS I just about snapped.

Holden’s thrush was far worse than Parker’s.. and we were never told to do ANY of those things. He was finally given a stronger medication, and POOF, gone. Never got thrush again. Didn’t have to toss out or nipples, didn’t have to not give him a binky (and he and Parker use the same kinds). We just had to make sure to sterilize everything, which we do- almost anally so.
We just don’t have the money to be throwing out all of our nipples (expensive Dr. Brown’s nipples).. and not giving a binky to a kid that will scream for 2 hours before bed without it? My head hurts enough already without having to deal with that.

It’s just so damn frustrating. To not only have to wait DAYS to get an answer, but to then get sort of screwed when we finally do get one is totally stressing me out.

I want to stick with our pediatrician.. but I feel like we need one who has more time for us. Even just a little bit. Someone who has time to stop and talk to whatever nurse is the phone-bitch to really be able to understand what the issue is and our concerns.. because right now it seems like way too much is getting lost in translation- or that she has so many patients that she can’t remember what we’ve already been through, what we’ve already tried, or that we’d JUST been to the office for the same problem.

I’m torn on what to do. I don’t want to find my boys a new pediatrician.. and chance having to deal with a crazy heartless bitch all over again- but our current one isn’t going to get any less busy any time soon and i’m sick of feeling like we’re being ignored and my kids suffer because of it.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. There is no easy solution. Either we lose the pediatrician we love, or we stay and deal with the long ass waits, a pediatrician with zero time, and nurses who don’t seem to be doing their jobs.

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