The complainer

It’s not often that I complain about Thomas.. or really ever say anything negative about him at all on this blog, because in all honesty- he’s not so bad.
He’s not one of those men who refuses to change diapers, or thinks that because I don’t technically work that I should do all of the cooking and cleaning. In fact, I think he does most of the cleaning these days while I deal with the kids… and he’d probably be happy to do all the cooking but I don’t really trust him to cook anything other than steaks after he made mashed potatoes in the microwave and they were absolutely FOUL.

I don’t think I could ever be with someone who didn’t want to deal with the dirty parts of parenting. My jaw hits the floor whenever a mom says that her husband has never changed a diaper. That’s not Thomas at all, thank the sweet baby jesus. I need all the help I can get, and someone who’s willing to give me that help.

Thomas does give me that help. He will give me ALL the help I could ever ask for.
He is a complainer. A big fat annoying whiny complainer. Not all the time- but enough to make me want to kick him in the throat at 4 in the morning.

I am fully aware that babies are frustrating, confusing, and sometimes downright irritating. I have been home with Holden ever day of his life, all day, alone, and now add Parker to that mix- TRUST ME, I know just how bad it can get.
Have I been known to whine and complain? Hell yes, I won’t even try to deny that or downplay the amount… but at the same time, I feel that i’m kind of entitled to have my moment to vent because of the amount of time I spend alone in this house with two whiny children. Without the opportunity to vent and whiny just a little I would go absolutely insane. There’s no question in my mind about that.

When Thomas gets home, and both Parker and Holden are whiny and he instantly starts complaining about how they’re both whiny I feel like snapping. I’ve been dealing with it ALL day and i’m not nearly as frustrated as he gets after 10 minutes.
I’d think that after being away from them all day that it would be easier to come in to a house full of whine refreshed and relaxed.

The worst is when Parker won’t go to sleep at night, or when he wakes up at 4 in the morning for a bottle. This sends Thomas over the edge. There have been more than a few nights where he gets to his breaking point and I end up having to take over completely because I just can’t stand to have a crying child and a pissed of complaining husband at the same time.
I’m grateful that he does most of the night feedings, that he’s willing to change a disgusting poop diaper instead of me, that he’ll rock Parker for naps on the weekends and do most of the daytime bottles just because he knows that I do the majority of them during the week- but it almost makes it not worth it when it comes with a ration of bullshit on the side.

Speaking of which.. we are currently attempting to get Parker to sleep in his bassinet right now instead of his swing.. and it doesn’t seem to be working because the kid’s been wiggling for a solid 10 minutes instead of sleeping. As soon as it goes from wiggling to crying, I know things in this house are going to get tense.
I understand the frustration, i’m frustrated too- I just don’t want to hear about it for the rest of the freakin’ night.

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