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Cleaning out Holden’s drawers has been on my ‘to do’ list for months now, but for numerous reasons i’ve just never gotten around to it.

I don’t consider myself a particularly sentimental person, or I didn’t until recently anyways. I sold all of Holden’s old clothes without even thinking twice about it.. and only kicked myself in the ass later once I found out I was pregnant again with a boy- and even harder when I started remembering just how CUTE Holden’s old clothes were and how I wished I had them for Parker to wear.

Now, i’m having trouble storing Holden’s old clothes (obviously we wouldn’t give them away or sell them with another boy who will be needing them). I’ve, for some reason, created attachments to all of his clothes. Certain shirts that I found and loved, that now don’t fit.. I just can’t bear to take out of his drawers- so poor Holden gets stuck in shirts that are too short because I want him to wear them “just one more time!” and one more time ends up being … 20 more times, until I have no choice but to take them out of his drawers because they’ve become belly shirts or look like spandex on him.

It’s gotten to that point once again, where it would just be mean to stick Holden in some of his shirts because of how ill-fitting they are. Even more depressing is the fact that the clothes i’m having to get rid of are 2T clothes.. meaning my child is HUGE. Hell, even some of the 3T shirts I bought once I realized 2T was getting small are becoming snug already, or getting short in the sleeves. Just like me, Holden has ridiculously long appendages.

Not to be left out, Parker is joining the club of children who need their drawers cleaned out. What’s weird is that some of his newborn short-sleeved onesies still seem to fit, even though he is well over the “weight limit” for them, yet some of his 0-3 month long sleeved onesies have become too short in the sleeve area, and some of his pants have become too short. Again with those loonnnggg appendages.
I wish I could remember exactly how bid Holden was at Parker’s age. I have it written down.. somewhere. I think by 2 months Holden had already doubled his birth weight, but was “short.” Parker is average in weight but tall. I’m just waiting for him to explode and start to look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man like Holden did, and blow through clothes before he even gets the chance to wear them. That always pissed me off.

Although I know I need to go through both of their chests of drawers.. I really just don’t want to! It takes me SO long to find clothes that I think are cute, that getting rid of them is a painful process because of the effort that went in to picking them out. And sadly, I think Holden has an attachment to his clothes too. He’s such a girl when it comes to picking out his clothes. What he wears has to be deemed a “cool shirt!” by his standards or he refuses to put it on.. and now, most of his “cool shirt”s will be disappearing because he’s too enormous for them.

And cleaning out Parker’s drawers is even sadder.. because i’m not sure if he’s my last baby. It might be the last time I put one of my kids in itty-bitty newborn clothing. At the same time- would I be jinxing myself by getting rid of them, like I did with Holden.. and end up pregnant right after all the clothes are sold?
For now I think we’re safe with that.. gotta have sex to get pregnant! And i’m not doing ANY of that until I find birth control that won’t kill me.

At least with Holden’s clothes he’s grown out of, that i’ve grown attached to- I know i’ll see them again soon. Poor Parker won’t have any new clothes once he turns 1. Holden has so many clothes there’s no need to buy any for Parker.. poor Parker, the hand-me-down kid.

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