Celebrating Christmas, minus the grudge

We finally gave in this year and bought our first Christmas tree as a family.

Being that i’m not a huge fan of the holidays, and I think maybe Thomas is just lazy when it comes to decorating and getting into the ‘spirit’, we have never seen a need to get a tree until now.
Our first Christmas as a married couple, Holden was already here, a few months old- and totally miserable. He didn’t care about having a tree, plus we had two cats that I knew from experience had the nasty habit of either trying to crawl up into Christmas trees and knocking them over, or eating pieces off of the tree (regardless of whether it was real or fake). Even less reason to put the effort into decorating.

Second year? One year old who had just learned to walk and of course- was getting into absolutely everything. Christmas trees can not be baby proofed, neither can the majority of decorations. I’m sure he would have loved the lights, but it just didn’t seem worth the effort if he was just going to get scolded for yanking at a tree that he couldn’t understand the reason behind of anyways. And those damn cats. Can’t forget the cats.

This year, I have had to put my Scrooge like tendencies aside and try to get into this whole holiday crap for Holden’s sake. At his age, he can now at least sort of understand that Christmas is something to be excited about.. even if only because i’m reminding him all the time to remember that Santa will be bringing him presents. It helps that he asks me to read him Christmas books year round- so as soon as we got the tree up (we’re late in the game, we just bought & put it up last night) he was yelling “CHRISTMAS TREE! YAAYYYYY!”
that made the cost of the tree worth it right there. I might not like the holidays, at all, but watching his little face light up makes the season suck a little less.

I am sort of glad that he won’t remember this Christmas, because unfortunately we really can’t afford much. Actually,we can’t afford anything.. but I felt too guilty at the thought of not getting Holden ANYTHING so i’ve been trying to watch and listen to him to figure out what he really wants and that would be his gift from us (we got buttloads of hand me downs, so he wouldn’t be getting nothing if we didn’t buy anything.. I just wanted him to have something from US).

Thomas came home from work about 2 weeks ago with a big talking Tow-Mater (from Disney’s Cars) toy that someone from work gave him because their kid was given it but is too old to play with it (so it’s basically brand new).. and he has been completely obsessed with it ever since. He constantly talks about it, asks for it, lugs it around with him. In hindsight, it should have been saved for Christmas.. but it did give me a good idea for a Christmas gift, because he notices that he doesn’t have Lightning McQueen and talks about it. So I went onto Amazon and found the Lightning McQueen talking toy just like the Tow-Mater one he has and snatched it up for $20 cheaper than store price. He has no idea, since I ordered it online and he didn’t get to see it beforehand, so I hope he’s going to be super excited when he gets it. I also got him and Parker a joint music gift that they can both play with (it has a setting for a baby and a setting for a toddler) at 70% off.

Of course, now, when I ask him what he wants for Christmas.. along with saying “want cars!” he says he wants a freaking firetruck. He might forget about wanting one in a few days, but if he doesn’t, i’m going to feel really bad for not getting him one. Chances of him actually being disappointed are slim to nil because he’s two years old and has the attention span of a gnat.. but i’ll remember. So if he keeps asking.. I might just have to suck it up and find a really cheap one somewhere.

BLAH! Christmas time- when you wish you were rich so you could spoil your kids out of their minds.

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