Way to ruin my weekend, storm!

There is one thing I look forward to every single week, without fail: the weekend. The weekend is like a walk in the park compared to dealing with the boys by myself all week. Helps to have a husband who doesn’t mind doing as much as I need him to do without asking. It also gives me time to regroup my brain, take a breather, and release all the frustrations from the week.

All of that was shot completely to hell this weekend thanks to what the news is calling the “November Nor’Easter”.. basically.. a cold, windy, rainy storm. I won’t completely downplay it, it was pretty bad. Lots og places flooded, roads were closed, trees were knocked down. Thomas was even sent home from work early because if he didn’t leave then, he wouldn’t be able to get home later.

On rainy nasty days such as Thursday, I decided it was a good night to order pizza.. so I went online to make my order (I hate calling pizza places.)
In the middle of my order, the power suddenly went out. Great. Not only did the power go out, but my phone was dead, and Thomas’ was well on its’ way there. We lit the few candles we had, and hurried to call our favorite cheapo pizza place to make an order… hoping the power would come back on shortly.

Dinner passes by, still no power. Along came Holden’s bed time, and it was quickly getting cold in the house.. because without power, there is no heat.
Not wanting Holden to freeze his little butt off, and with nothing better to do, we just decided to all go to bed together.. again hoping the power would come back on soon.

Night turns to morning, still no power- and the house was absolutely freezing. Fantastic. We decide to try and spend as much of the day out of the house as possible.. but it’s not so easy when you have two small children- one who happens to be in diapers and needs bottles every few hours. We went to the mall and window shopped, went out to lunch.. and then drove back home- crossing our fingers once again that there would be power restored. Nope. Dark and cold.
We decided to all crawl in bed together for nap time. Once that was over, there was STILL no power. It had now been about 24 hours. The storm was over. The roads were no longer bad. We were getting angry. Take that back, I was already really angry- but now I was getting PISSED.

The neighbors, who have a generator, had invited us over so we went and hung out over there to try and pass the time. The restoration time for the power, which had previously been 5pm and passed.. was now pushed to 9pm.
Not that we wanted to impose, but we really had nowhere else to go. Holden had fun playing with their little girl (who just turned 1 and happened to have her birthday party the same day as Holden), and we had a pretty good time just hanging out and watching movies and having a few drinks. 9pm passes, still no power. 12am passes, still no power.. and both Holden and Parker absolutely refused to go to sleep. I was starting to get at my wits end. The power company had now pushed back our restoration time to 10pm the next night. What.The.Fuck.
How in the hell could it POSSIBLY take so long to restore power?? This wasn’t the storm of the damn century, it was some rain and some wind. Whoop-ti-freakin-doo.
Anger is now boiling.

We finally got Holden and Parker to sleep at 1am.. and crashed on the couches at our neighbors with them.
Holden decided to throw an absolute bitch fit at 8am over nothing and i’m pretty sure he woke up the entire house. To say we felt bad would be an understatement. We’d already imposed by sitting in their house for hours and crashing on their couch but now we’d crapped all over their sleep because our kids can’t keep their mouths shut.
They called the power company yet again to check the status of whatever the hell they were ‘doing’ to restore power to our neighborhood. It had gone from 10pm that evening to indefinite.
At that point I was pretty positive we were never getting power back.

Not wanting to squat at their place any longer, we went back home to the cold and tried to figure out a game plan. Since we didn’t have phones, we couldn’t exactly call anyone to ask if we could come and crash.. so we decided to wing it. We packed up a BUNCH of crap, including all of our food since neither the fridge or freezer was cold any longer and we were about to lose EVERYTHING (and no way in hell can we afford to replace it all) and left.
First we drove to my brother’s, knowing he’d be sleeping because he works the night shift at his job.. but hoping he’d answer his door.

Last resort was driving aaaaalllll the way to my Dad’s house, and hope that they had power (in the last big storm around here they lost power for 10 days, so it was really a coin toss as to whether they had power or not this time around).
Thank the sweet baby Jesus they were home AND had power. Squatting at house #2 began. We charged our phones up, got warm, and once again checked the status of the power restoration ‘effort’ (I quote that because I don’t believe they are doing a damn thing). All day the time stays at 10pm this evening.. until about 5pm, when it switches to 10pm the NEXT evening.

At this point I am livid and there is no way to hide it. You honestly don’t realize how much you love home until you are unable to be there. You don’t realize how easy and seamless things are at home until you are unable to be there.. or how much EASIER taking care of two kids is at home until you’re stuck somewhere else without all the little things you normally use and take advantage of that you no longer have at your fingertips.

There’s nothing we can do but just accept it, and make a run to the stupid house to pick up what we’d need for ourselves and our kids to stay overnight at my Dad’s.
As we’re driving down the road to get to our house, we notice how much power has been restored. Even blocks from our home, people have power back that did NOT have it the previous night. Hard not to get hopeful when people so close to you have power back.. but of course, about one block from our house- everything goes black. No power.
How did THEY get power back and we didn’t?? It seemed like everyone around us had power except us. Story of my freaking life. Always getting the shit-end of the stick.
Did I mention that this weekend has totally ruined my diet? Not being able to cook, and not wanting to open the fridge in fear of letting out the little cold that was left meant eating out for almost every meal. Not good. I have been refusing to look down.. the belly is not looking pretty.


We trudge through our house, trying to grab everything we need by light of a lantern, and get back on our way to my Dad’s.
Leave it to me to forget my pajamas. There I was in dirty clothes (since I didn’t get to do laundry before the power went out), smelly since I hadn’t been able to take a damn shower (no hot water).. only wanting to be clean and sleeping in my own bed in fresh clothes and I forgot freakin’ pajamas.

To add insult to injury, I went to once again check on the stupid status of the stupid power.. and they’d switched restoration time once again.. only to 11:30pm TONIGHT.
Really, at that point I wanted to break something. It was already too late in the game to pack everything BACK up and go BACK home only to wait for 11:30 to roll around… and probably still not have any power because Dominion Power is staffed with total idiots.

So here I sit, on my Dad’s couch.. hoping Holden stays asleep and that Parker doesn’t scream all damn night because I am exhausted and can’t take much more bullshit.. and just wanting to go home. I’m worried we’ll go home and Holden’s birthday fish will be dead from freezing or starving.. since they’ve refused to eat since the power went out. That’s the last thing he needs is to go home and find his “nemos” dead after having a traumatizing weekend.
I also fear my boob is now going to abscess, because no power has meant NO hot compress.. and staying with other people has meant NO 15 minute boobie massage sessions. ‘Cause no way in hell am I going to feel myself up in front of anyone but Thomas. Even he gives me weird looks.

Dorothy said it best. There really is NO place like home.

(ed. note: post #500.. if only it wasn’t full of bitching!)

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