Thanksgiving with 2 little gobblers

Holidays with a small child is no picnic. All you want to do is sit down with your family, scarf down some carb-packed goodies and relax.

Once you birth an ankle biter you can pretty much kiss that goodbye.

At first it may not seem so bad. They’re little and immobile and sleep a lot. Although, if a holiday happens to catch them on a bad day- you’re going to spend turkey time with your arms full of screaming baby while everyone else chows down.

It’s when they refuse to sit happily in one place that your once-peaceful holiday season becomes a mommy marathon of mega proportions.

Now, instead of being able to put your kid down, regardless of whether they’re screaming or not, and get a break from dealing with them because you know they won’t be going anywhere.. your day is spent chasing them around a family member’s house trying to keep them from simultaneously hurting themselves and breaking valuables. If you’ve ever been around a small child, you know they never run out of juice. And when they’re in someone elses house they act like their on speed. They absolutely must touch everything, explore every nook and cranny. Try and tell them no and you’ll have an enormous glass shattering tantrum to deal with.

Lucky me- I have both to deal with.

Parker, who wants to be attached to someone all day or he just isn’t satisfied.. meaning unless I can pass him off to someone else, i’m stuck lugging him around the entire time.

Holden, who thinks he is older than two and wants to body slam his 7 year old and 10 year old cousins, while also giving in to his toddler tendencies and knocking over plants and snatching toys from his 18 month old cousin.. and got more stubborn and bratty as the day went on because of course he wasn’t going to nap when there was so much action going on.

The powers that be decided to give us a break today and Parker spent most of the day pretty happy.. probably because he got exactly what he wanted and everyone wanted to get their hands on him so he was almost always being held (and not always by Thomas or I).

That being said- i’m still totally drained. Mentally and physically. It would be nice if Parker continued on his happy streak and decided that tonight would be the night he starts sleeping until the morning.. and I don’t mean FOUR in the morning, but the 8am kind of morning. For some stupid reason that is beyond my comprehension, even though Thomas has NOTHING to do at work tomorrow.. he still has to go in, so if I don’t get some sleep tonight i’m really going to be hurting tomorow.. while Thomas gets to sit in his nice little office and play PS2 games. Must be nice!

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