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In the past I have written at length about how younger toddlers won’t pick up on curse words (or at least won’t attach to them) if you don’t give them value (and assuming you aren’t walking around your house repeating them all day long).
Make a word seem like a big deal, and of course they’re going to want to say it over and over- but just say it in passing and you’re pretty much set. They might pick up on it and say it once, but if you don’t freak out and let them know it’s a dirty word, a baby will typically lose interest and move on to something that gets a reaction out of you (words like mommy and daddy, because we cheer those words on when they first learn them).
Positive or negative reaction, doesn’t matter- they’ll take either one.

All of that holds true… up until your child decides to become a human mockingbird.

Babies are always sponging things up- absorbing every little thing they possibly can and learning massive amounts of new things per day, but when they hit around 24-25 months (could be sooner or later depending on the kid), instead of just repeating single words here and there- they literally begin to repeat absolutely everything that happens to slip out of your mouth in entirety.

Not even just things you say all the time(Holden’s favorite for a while was “OH MY GOD!” because I say it so freakin’ much), but even the most random uncommon things you can think of somehow manages to sink into their spongey little brain and regurgitate back out. Even weeks later, you might not remember you said it- but they sure do. And they even remember the correct context to use it in.

This is when cursing around them really becomes a problem. A quite embarrassing problem.

Hell, Holden’s memory is SO insane and specific that he has memorized practically all of his books (and he has waayyy too many books), random commercials, logos from stores and fast food restaurants.. all kinds of crazy things- so I know there’s no getting away with cursing in his presence.

Since i’m home alone with the kids all day, I don’t really have much use for curse words. I won’t lie and say they haven’t slipped out.. like when I stub a toe or drop a cup- the most likely reaction from me will be the 4 letter kind.
Thomas has a serious issue with cursing around Holden. A SERIOUS issue. It’s a hard habit to break when you’ve been doing it for so long without having to watch your mouth.. but the guy almost NEVER filters himself. Even when I remind him multiple times per day.

So now Holden is a potty mouth. A FOUL potty mouth. In the past 2 weeks along, he’s walked up to an 8 month old and said “you’re being a dick!” (he also calls himself a dick when he’s getting in trouble), dropped toys and exclaimed “God damnit!’ or “damnit!”, I swore I heard him call me a bitch one time.. but I could be mistaken because that word is not used in that kind of context in this house, if at all.
I was totally fine with being “stinky butt”- that is cute and child like. Bitch? No no, not ok.

Curse words might not be your ONLY problem though. Any questionable phrase you might say in passing can be used as a weapon by a 2 year old.

Everything you say needs to go through a sanitizer before it comes out. Which sucks. I’ve never been one to filter myself.. but i’d prefer to avoid the dirty looks from judgmental strangers in public when my kid is calling people dicks and yelling “DAMNIT!”.. so i’ll do what I have to do.

It’s times like these when you miss your kid ignoring your conversations and just babbling baby speak with the occasional real word instead of clinging on to your every word phrase and action and repeating them. Don’t get me started on how he knows parts of the Beyonce “Single Ladies” dance from watching snippets of the video a handful of times.

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  • How funny that you blog about this because Josh and I were just talking about it tonight! Joshua has said his share of not-so-cute words lol so we have really been trying to watch it. But he also has picked up on the most random things. Like the other day I was looking at dishes, and one of the colors was “peacock”. Well, Joshua claims that something is a peacock at least 5 times a day now.